Saturday, June 13, 2009

Not toilet at the most beautiful beach

You can see the picture of our toilet at

Rubbish is everywhere especially non-biodegradable plastic bottles.

That is why I urge my family and friends to enjoy Kulambu Beach while
it is still enjoyable. Sooner or later it will be turned to Batu Sapi,
that used to be even more beautiful but now among the ugliest in the
whole world.

Bak-bak beach may look beautiful with its calm sea but Kudat Beach was
much better. It was just next to Kudat Town with white sandy beaches.

Kudat has a calm sea because it is within Marudu bay, but Batu Sapi is
even calmer because it is within Sandakan bay, and Batu Sapi is an
island just like Kulambu island.

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