Monday, April 9, 2007

Sabah's Unilateral Declaration of Independence

No wonder it is not recorded as historical fact. Any unilateral declaration is usually considered as not valid.

There are many nations who make those declarations but it resulted in wars and are meaningless.

To be independent, you must have full control of your resources. Apparently, Sabah didn't have such luxury under British Colony.

You may argue that the level of control is the same as now, because Sabah does not have control over most of its resources, in much similar conditions as under British Colonial system, making the unilateral declaration as valid.

If it were the same, the only logical conclusion is that Sabah has never achieved independence from anybody.

Maybe it were true, given verbally by the impatient Sabahan leaders, but it was never recorded in writing. Probably the Sabahan leaders were worried of being arrested by British authorities.

Just as any Sabahan group will not dare to make public any unilateral declaration of independence from Malaya these days. They will be arrested under the ISA.

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