Monday, February 9, 2009

Descendents of Prophet Muhammad urged Nizar to resign

This source is from Bernama so its authenticity will be questioned
even more.

Megat are direct descendents of Prophet Muhammad but not throught
their father's lineage any more. Those with the father's lineage are
called Syed or Sharif. Those with Syed, especially those with strong
Indian looks are suspect because Indians tend to label all Arabs as

Many of these Megat may not be aware of the significance of this
title. Many thought that it is just a royalty title. So it will be
even worse for ordinary people like myself. I only knew about it more
clearly last month.

In Malaysia Megat tends to hold high offices because they tend to be
the more educated, and many of their ancestors had held high offices,
so it was synonymous with high office and even royalty as I had just
found out that Sultan of Perak is just a Megat instead of the full

So by right descendents of Prophet Muhammad, no matter from the father
or mother, after all, all known descendents are from the daughter of
Prophet Muhammad, i.e. the mother's side, are obliged to uphold a high
standard of Islamic principles, not to subject themselves to greed and
corruption. They must hold their esteem in respecting justice.

Demanding Nizar to resign is completely unethical when he has
constitutional grounds to reject an order from the Sultan and condemn
the Sultan's refusal to dissolve the State Assembly as demanded by the
Constitution of Perak. Even if the courts were to decide in favour of
the Sultan, and thus reinterpreting the constitution and wordings of
Malaysian constitution, the normal court practises must be obeyed.
When challenged, the status quo must remain, i.e. Nizar is stil the
Chief Minister, unless the courts had made a decision.

It is also made worse by the facts that the 3 independent Assemblymen
were deemed to show their support in front of the Sultan but not
witnessed by the parties affected, which is against the principle of
justice, and they had already been dismissed by the Speaker and the EC
does not have the authority to decide on the evidence of the Speaker
in vacating these seats. As far as the normal law is concerned, they
have already been dismissed but the courts can still reinterpret the
law and reverse the decisions of government officials.

With all these arguments, only a DAYUS, a crime worse than death, will
obey the Sultan. Obeying the Sultan in resigning is like committing
murder. Nizar must fight for his rights if he were to uphold Islamic
principles as ordered by the Quran. The Megats, as descendents of
Prophet Muhammad should also urge Nizar to bring the matter to the
courts and refuse to resign in order to protect his rights.

Whatever persecutions that Nizar faces, he should be patient, SABAR,
which is the real SABAR, a basis of Islamic faith, not to be DAYUS,
condemned by Islam, i.e. patient to the point of being pathetic in
accepted injustices.

In fact, so far Anwar is the only one practising the true Sabar. He
has suffered persecutions since his student days, in defending the
rights of the poor and disprivileged.

February 08, 2009 23:08 PM

Nizar Urged To Step Down Honourably

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 8 (Bernama) -- The Persatuan Keturunan Megat Terawis
Malaysia, an organisation representing the Megat clan, has urged Datuk
Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin to step down as the Menteri Besar of
Perak honourably.

Its secretary Megat Iskandar Megat Zaharuddin said Nizar should
emulate the Orang Kaya Bendahara during the reign of the 15th Sultan
of Perak in the 18th century who stepped down along with senior state
officials when asked to do so because of a misunderstanding with the
Sultan and the government at that time.

According to Megat Iskandar, the role of the Orang Kaya Bendahara then
was the same as the Menteri Besar now.

"In the interest of the people of Perak, we urge Datuk Seri Nizar and
his state executive councillors to step down honourably and do not go
against the Sultan," he said in a statement here today.

To do otherwise was tantamount to treason, he added.

On Friday, Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak asked the Pakatan Rakyat
government to resign and Nizar step down as the Menteri Besar after
the coalition failed to command a majority in the state's legislature,
but Nizar refused to budge.

The clan's history dates back to the very first sultan in the state,
that of Paduka Seri Sultan Muzaffar Shah I whereby the Orang Kaya
Bendahara was also from the clan.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pairin deemed to have resigned in 1984!!!

Daily express Sabah, 5th February 2009:

Although Pairin didn't challenge the resignations of Lajim, he
resigned out of his own free will showing that he was just a weak
leader or easily bought over.

Pairin himself suffered the same fate in 1984 when he was deemed to
have resigned. The EC immediately dissolved the state assembly seat
and when Pairin brought his case to court, he lost his case, i.e. the
court decided that Pairin was to have deemed to have resigned. The EC
is now proven to be extremely unfair.

""I said, 'Okay, I resign.' I took my papers and walked out and as I
left the hall, the delegates from Tambunan walked out with me." Public
spates followed and finally, Berjaya submitted an undated resignation
letter all its assemblymen had to sign, and vacated Pairin's Tambunan
state seat, forcing a by-election.

Berjaya was all-powerful, having won almost 90 per cent of the 48
state seats in the 1981 state elections, and it was unthinkable for
anyone to even consider winning as an independent against it.

But on Dec 30, 1984, the people of Tambunan rallied around their son
and he soundly defeated his nephew Roger Ongkili to win the Tambunan
seat as an independent.

Unable to deal with defeat, Harris punished the people of Tambunan. He
abrogated its district status, forcing people who had government
business to go to Keningau, more than an hour away on unpaved, pebbled
bad roads. "

"Facing a spate of defections after winning the state's third election
in eight years in 1994, Pairin had used the letters in an attempt to
force by-elections by saying that the three had quit their seats.

Although Lajim, Rubin and Zaini subsequently lodged police reports to
challenge the validity of their "resignations", it remains untested in
court. For, by then, more defections from PBS had rendered the
question academic and the trio did not pursue it in court after BN
formed the state government.

Pairin's attempt to dissolve the state assembly also failed after
former Sabah Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Mohamad Said Keruak refused to
give his consent.

After failing to hang on to his assemblymen and state, Pairin became
the state's shortest-term chief minister, tendering his own
resignation less than one month after he was sworn in. "


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