Thursday, September 25, 2008

More obvious Malaysian discriminatory practises against Sabah

This is a blatant discrimination due to the lack of money given to
Sabah. Malaya is more interested in stealing money from Sabah but not in
spending a single cent at all.

The reasons why the road in Sabah is so bad is because they are built to
much lower standards because of the lack of budget. Why not, when Sabah
is only given 8% of the national budget, even now, despite promises to
increase them, while Sabah consists of 13% of population and 23% of area.

Raymond Tan, the ass licker is one of the reasons, but he is favoured by
Malaya just for this reason. He is not interested in fighting for the
progress of Sabah, only for his own stomach.

He is not alone of course.

Still there is no program to address the status of Sabah as the poorest
in Malaysia and among the poorest in the whole world.

The poor are still not receiving the aid that they need, while elected
officials like Raymond Tan is getting richer and richer.
DAILY EXPRESS NEWS Double standards: Lorrymen

Kota Kinabalu: The Federation of Sabah Lorry Transportation Associations
is calling on Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman to help resolve the
BDM (gross vehicle weight) mismatch between lorries operating in Sabah
and Peninsular Malaysia.

Its President, Steven Chua Pui Ming, said this is important because the
problem, which has been lingering since five years ago, is slowly
killing off one by one those involved in the business.

He said about 20 per cent of their members are already out of the
business as they can no longer withstand the impact, while another 30 to
40 per cent may soon meet a similar fate.

Chua said they had asked Deputy Chief Minister-cum-Infrastructure
Minister Datuk Raymond Tan to assist them but it appeared like "he (Tan)
is hopeless in this matter."

"We have asked Raymond to pursue or do something about this but nothing
until now. He (Tan) even closed his door on our West Coast Lorry
Transportation Association which had thrice tried to approach him but to
no avail.

"So we are now placing our hope on the Chief Minister to help us," he
told a press conference Wednesday.

It was held by the federation to voice their dissatisfaction on the
dialogue they had with representatives from the Federal and State Public
Works Department (PWD), Road Transport Department (RTD) Sabah, Transport
Ministry and the police at the State RTD Headquarters in Bundusan near
here earlier in the day.

The problem arose after the government gazetted the Weight Restriction
Order in 2003 and downgraded the BDM of lorries (double axle trailer) in
Sabah and Sarawak to 34,000kg from 36,000kg, while the BDM of lorries in
the penin-sular was upgraded to 40,000kg for no apparent reason.

The Federation had objected to the differential in BDM and appealed to
the Prime Minister, Transport Minister and various government
departments to make it similar with the one for the peninsula.

Calling it a double standard, Chua reasoned that this is because
everything from the amount of road tax up to the penalty and summons
amounts are the same in East Malaysia and the peninsula.

Citing an example he said their members are sometimes taken action
against by the enforcement authority for carrying loads exceeding the
permissible BDM which would not be the case if in the peninsula.

"Why can't we have the same BDM when we are living in one nation and
everything else is the sameÉwe heard the BDM in the peninsula, which is
now already upgraded again to 44,000kg, would be upgraded again by
another 20 per cent soon, while we still have the same old problem," he

Chua said their members were also not happy that there is a
Sarawak-based transportation com-pany which operates a fleet of lorries
registered in Sabah which had been given "special privilege" by the
government to carry loads beyond the BDM fixed for the State, just
because it involves a government project.

"Why this double standard? This company's lorries are travelling the
same roads as we are but its lorries are allowed to carry up to 55,000kg
because it is a 'special case' and this special case happens to be a
government project.

"Some of us also involved in government projects are not given such
special treatment," said Chua.

Wednesday's dialogue followed a directive from Transport Minister Datuk
Ong Tee Keat in response to the request made by the Federation during
his visit here recently.

Chua, however, said the dialogue was a failure, as there was no positive
result. He said PWD officials responded to the upgrade of BDM by saying
they have to form a committee, in which they asked the federation
members to participate, to do a study on the existing bridges throughout
Sabah to decide whether these bridges require strengthening.

"We do not concur with the PWD as the issue of BDM has been outstanding
since 2003. It has been five years already and all the others such as
the Transport Ministry and other relevant authorities have already
agreed that the upgrading of BDM in Sabah is necessary."

Chua said it is also important to solve the problem fast with the
imminent BIMP-EAGA free growth area where it would become a problem or a
great shame in terms of transportation of goods because Indonesia,
Brunei and Philippines have higher BDMs for lorries.

"Just think what will happen to those lorries carrying goods or products
way above the permissible BDM in Sabah and Sarawak when they come into
the StateÉyou cannot stop them because it would be a free trade area,
while we in Sabah can only bring out to these countries good loads
according to the same low BDM," he said.

Sabah and Sarawak are probably the only places having the lowest BDM in
the world, he said, questioning if the delay or refusal to upgrade the
present BDM show the Federal and State roads in both states are of not
up-to-mark in terms of quality.

Sabah West Coast Lorry Transport Association Chairman, Steven Foo, and
other committee members were also present.
Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains next to
civilisation with no natural and man-made disasters except Malaysia.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Story of a successful resistance, th ANC

The ANC has managed to finally win against South Africa Apartheid white
regime and later on manage to run the nation prosperous and peacefully
for both whites and blacks. It had succeeded brilliantly compared to
Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe.

It is interesting the ANC even ordered young men to study overseas in
order to prepare them for leadership roles for the nation, instead of
just labourers as the case for Malaysia.

The lack of nepotism and cronyism is vital in order to ensure the
success of an organisation but this sense is only prevalent in times of
war. This is true in the case of Sabah's leader Tun Mustapha, a former
resistance fighter against the Japanese. He scoured hard for people who
can help him in his political battles.

Unfortunately, when he got the power as the Chief Minister of Sabah, he
lost touch with the people. Probably he was surrounded by opportunists,
instead of true fighters as in the later days of Sabah as a colony of
the United Kingdom. The same thing could happen to Mahathir.

In times of peace, people have become so corrupted and more concerned
with quick returns because they don't feel any impending disaster.
Despite figures which compare Sabah as the poorest in Malaysia and among
the poorest in the whole World, Sabahans are still not fighting hard.

Probably only Yong Tech Lee is the fighter for Sabah. The other SAPP
leaders are just listening to him. Most are just like us, the desk
fighters. The fate of Sabah, is just like any other nations that had
been exploited bare with only feeble resistance. When even historical
events are ignored and falsified, the resources and rights of Sabahans
in Sabah will be plundered at will with the help of these opportunistic

Nigerian resistance fighters is a classic example of local fighters
trying to retain their resources for their own use. They are
disorganised but brave. I don't think they are as organised as ANC or
the Rwanda Tutsi, otherwise they would have made an impact much earlier.
They are reminiscent of the Tamil Tigers, MILF and AlQaedah i.e. more
like terrorists. Even if they were successful, they will lead to chaos
and hardships for the people because they will most likely mismanage
their nation.

Let us hope that Sabah will not fall into such a chaotic state although
as things go, it is just inevitable. Peace will not happen if there is
blatant discrimination and exploitation against Sabahans as is still
happening in Sabah. Just because seemingly a large percentage of
Sabahans are satisfied with their peace and livelihood, the same
percentage satisfied citizens also exist in all these exploited and
warring states.
Thabo Mbeki's Rise and Fall

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Sunday, September 21, 2008; Page A22

Early life: Mbeki was born in June 1942 in an agricultural village in
southeastern South Africa. At 14, he joined the African National
Congress Youth League; at 19, he was ordered by the ANC to leave the
country for education to prepare for a leadership role.
This Story

S. Africa's Mbeki Agrees to Step Down
Thabo Mbeki's Rise and Fall

Higher education: He earned a master's degree in economics at the
University of Sussex in Britain and underwent military training in the
Soviet Union, a key backer of the ANC's armed campaign against apartheid.

Presidency: Mbeki was elected in 1999 to succeed anti-apartheid icon
Nelson Mandela as South Africa's second black president. Mbeki emerged
as a leader who was always willing to stand his ground despite criticism
of his policies. South Africa's economy has grown steadily under Mbeki's
rule, but his opponents say he has favored business at the cost of the poor.

Mbeki was reelected in 2004 to a second term. But in late 2007, he lost
an ANC leadership contest to rival Jacob Zuma, who is likely to become
South Africa's next president.

Key diplomatic accomplishment: Long accused of taking too soft an
approach to Zimbabwe's crisis, Mbeki brokered a power-sharing deal this
month between veteran Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and opposition
leaders, including Morgan Tsvangirai.
Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains next to
civilisation with no natural and man-made disasters except Malaysia.
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brunei Chinese and Natives are better off than Malaysians

We should learn from Brunei. Despite massive losses from Tengku Jefry's
extravaganzas, the citizens of Brunei are much better off than Malaysia.

You can argue that Brunei has a small population but its population was
almost the same as those in the states of Sabah, Sarawak and Trengganu.

In 1963, the population of Brunei was 220,000, Sabah was 450,000.

Now just look at the figures: Brunei 340,000 while Sabah 3.3 million in

The Brunei chinese may not become citizens despite staying there for
generations, which is also true in UK, but their income is much higher
than their chinese counterparts in Sabah. For the natives, it is even worse.

The sudden increase in population in Sabah is due to the government
policies. IT is not only Filipinoes but also chinese in the 1960s,
documented by a book, and West Malaysians, also chinese especially after

There is no excuse why Sabah can be among the poorest while Brunei.
Corruption? Brunei also suffer corruption but it didn't destroy the
standard of living of the ordianary citizens.

There is one major difference. The extra treatment of the immigrant
chinese who even dare to call people who call them immigrants as
racists. Which means that they treat all the other natives as
immigrants, but not themselves.

These immigrants chinese are unmistakably the richer group and yet start
complaining of being discriminated, which clearly demonstrates that they
want to discriminate against all other natives because they believe that
only chinese are loyal to Malaysia, hard working and intelligent. All
others are just rubbish and don't deserve any help whatsover, because
whatever help is just a waste.

BN, relying so much on the chinese has given way so much that the
poorest people are still Malays and natives while the chinese grow from
strength to strength. The lose is the whole nation. As a result of
appeasing these chinese, the GINI has gone so high, corruption has gone
through the roof and salaries keep on tumbling. Worse, environments had
been destroyed. The best example is Batu Sapi, from the most beautiful
to the ugliest and dirtiest, in the whole world, all due to chinese

Of course there are some chinese who had tried to protect the
environment, but their number is too small. Just as a few jews also
tried to protect Arabs, but the general conclusion is very clear.
Chinese who had been allowed freedom to act had destroyed the nations
that they inhabit, Malaysia and Indonesia despite being oil rich.
Whereas in nations that don't give them a chance, like Brunei and all
the Arab nations, had allowed the overall wealth of their citizens to
grow, despite these chinese remaining as non-citizenships.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anwar is the real defender of Malaysia and Sabah not Sabahans

When PR proposed that Sep 16th be public holidays in memory of Malaysia
Day,it clearly shows that Anwar is the real defender of Malaysia.

PBS never bothered with Malaysia day as shown by its current lack of
interest in Malaysia day. Even when PBS was the state government it was
more interested in discriminating against Muslims that led to the death
of my brother, than defending Malaysia, let alone Sabah. PBS has shown
its true character when it is completely silent on the discriminatory
allocation of budget to Sabah, given only 8% for a population of 13%,
which still stands even now. Increase 1 billion but so are the other
states, making the percentage to Sabah still 8%. And the silence on the
3% Petroleum royalty to Sabah.

It is UPKO who are more vocal, demanding the scrapping of the gas
pipeline to Bintulu in favour of a gas processing plant in Sabah leading
to more jobs in Sabah itself. Now there are lots of vacancies for
engineers in Sabah under Sabah Foundation.

The title says all Sabahans, which include myself, a so called
self-appointed defender of Sabah, but failed to realise that Sabah is
the poorest in Malaysia and among the poorest in the whole World for so
long. It was Anwar, who pointed it out, and even then, it took me a long
time to believe what he had pointed out as facts, verified by United
Nations a long long time ago. I am really ashamed of myself.

I salute Anwar. I certainly wish that he be the Prime Mininster of
Malaysia, even if he were engaging in anal-intercourse or even accepted
money for services rendered. It is a small price to pay for the defense
of the entire nation. The speaker, the ass-licker from Sabah, has given
Anwar a great favour by proving that the Parliament has no right to
decide on the confidence of the Parliament on the Prime Minister. It is
now all up to the Agong, from Trengganu, that suffer the same fate as
Sabah and Sarawak. Oil-rich states but straddled with poverty.

The Agong cannot even accept written pledges that BN had tried to do
because the court had disallowed such practises, as decided by the
courts themselves based on cases in Sabah. It is all up to the Agong. He
does not even need to prove that Anwar has the majority at the current
moment. And once the Agong has appointed the next PM, the current PM
SHALL resign, which means, already resigned. Anwar, as the true defender
of the nation of Malaysia, the Agong cannot dispute this, and therefore
the only true Prime Minister of Malaysia.

SHALL in the constitution is a substitute for "will", which means that
it is stronger than even "must".
Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains next to
civilisation with no natural and man-made disasters except Malaysia.
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