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Errors about Tawau

 There are so many errors about Tawau in this article which explains the sorry state of development for Sabah on the whole.

Tawau was not upgraded to a district. It was downgraded from a Residency under the British before Malaysia. Under the British, Tawau was equivalent to Perak or Pahang.

Even under Malaysia, upgrading to a district is nothing much. Tawau was a town even under the British. It should have been upgraded to a city already. It is an insult to say that Tawau was downgraded to a district in the 80s.

In fact, Tawau had been the third largest town in Sabah, behind Sandakan. Recently, the population in Tawau has matched up with Sandakan but built-up area is still much less compared to Sandakan. Sandakan is built-up to more than 10 miles now, with daily traffic jams.

To west malaysian, Tawau appear bigger because of the towns. Tawau town is bigger because of the closeness of the suburban areas to the city centre. In city area size, Tawau is even bigger than Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan are limited by the hills at their backs.

What Tawau lacks is the number of high class hotels. Kota Kinabalu has the most followed by Sandakan. Tawau needs  4 star hotels. Kota Kinabalu was well developed when the State Government invested in the Hyatt Hotel followed by Tanjung Aru Shangrila Hotel.
Tawau set to benefit from Palmex
Published on: Sunday, May 26, 2013
Labuan: Tawau is set to benefit from the Palmex International Exhibition and Conference 2013 (Palmex Malaysia 2013), which it will host from June 11-13.
The event, touted as Malaysia's biggest palm oil exhibition, has succeeded in attracting 100 exhibitors.
Sabah's second largest town, Tawau, has never hosted any international event since its elevation into a district in the 80s, due to assumptions of logistics and geographical factors.
"Tawau has been the State's main palm oil producer for decades, with thousands of acres planted with oil palm.
"It has the potential to be on par with other developing districts, but needs continuous support from both the government and business community.
"It is a matter of pride that the district has been chosen as the preferred venue for an international event," Fireworks Asia Sdn Bhd Managing Director, Jerel Soo said.
The company is the organiser of the Palmex Malaysia 2013.
He said the international exhibition will drive Tawau to be known regionally, giving a boost to its business activities and economic development.
"Palmex Malaysia 2013 is expected to create a platform for both upstream and downstream palm oil companies to explore wider business opportunities.
"It will bring about 5,000 industry professionals to visit the strategic, operational and technological aspects of Sabah's oil palm industry, which is Malaysia's biggest, and that of Asean as a whole," he added.
Palmex Malaysia 2013 is endorsed by the Sabah State Government, the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) and the Association of Small Medium Enterprises Singapore.
Among the participants are those from Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, China and the United Kingdom.
The exhibition will feature the latest heavy machinery and technology being used in the downstream and upstream activities of the oil palm sector.

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Bishop says Election watchddogs are LIARS

This bishop is more Islamic than most Muslims, even Hadi the leader of PAS.

Bishop: Polls anything but free and fair

RK Anand | May 17, 2013
Bishop Paul Tan explains that while he abstains from partisan politics, he supports electoral watchdog Bersih in its cause for free and fair polls.
PETALING JAYA: An outspoken Catholic cleric has cast aspersion on the 13th general election with regard to the battle for Putrajaya being clean and fair.
Bishop Paul Tan said this in reference to the report of the Institute of Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) and Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS).
“IDEAS and CPPS have done an interim report. In it, there is this conclusion: ‘GE13 was only partially free and not fair’. I find it difficult to believe that the report could conclude this…
“But when it concluded ‘only partially free’ for the three reasons given that are fraught with irregularities as reported in the said report, the people involved are not objective,” he said.
“From the multiple examples of irregularities arrived in the report, permit me to use a stronger phrase than that of IDEAS and CPPS: GE13 is anything but transparently ‘free and fair’,” he added.
Tan, who heads the Malacca and Johor diocese, conceded that he could be wrong but stressed that he was morally obliged to speak out at this time because of the immorality practiced before and during GE13.
“If I didn’t speak up, I would have to answer to my God and my Church,” he said.
Tan said while he obeyed the Catholic Church’s teaching that clerics must not take sides in partisan politics, he noted that the church also taught that clerics must speak out against immoralities and against all that go against human rights.
“As a religious person in my role as bishop, I am in a dilemma vis-a-vis to what extent should I allow a certain degree of immorality or infringement against human rights to go on unpunished before denouncing them publicly,” he added.
For a long time, Tan said, there had not been sufficient action taken against immorality in its widest sense, especially corruption.
“Some attempts have been made by related government departments to deal with the matter. In ‘grosso modo’, it has not been effective. Only a few small fish have been caught, the big fish was left untouched.
“The consequence of this ‘laissez faire’ lifestyle is that it has produced massive corruption, cheating and immoral manipulation of the people to garner votes for one’s political party.
“Unfortunately, this cuts across the boundaries of all parties. The degree lies in the extent of corruption,” he added.
‘Are we not ashamed?’
The bishop also noted that the most obvious example was the lavish manner in which the Najib administration threw cash to get votes.
“Where is our country going? Are cheating and corruption condoned as part of our Malaysian culture? Are we not ashamed of our country being an immoral society?
“We must all reflect and examine our consciences. What sort of nation do we want our country to be, moral or immoral? Undoubtedly, all will want a ‘moral country’.
“But what sort of morality do we want? It is here that the degree of permissiveness comes into play. To what extent can we tolerate it before stringent action is taken to punish the unscrupulous?” he added.
Condemning money politics, Tan said even if it was considered “legalised corruption”, it does not exonerate the guilt of the ones involved.
“Corruption is corruption, even if one was to dress it up like a queen. A toilet remains a toilet, even if one gives it the beautiful terms of ‘comfort room’ or ‘powder room’,” he added.
The bishop explained that while he abstained from partisan politics, he supported electoral watchdog Bersih in its cause for free and fair polls.
“Any rational and moral person will support it,” he said.

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Vote flying.

Down At The Airport!

2 May 2013
Charter flights laid on by BN friendly Air Asia from KK and Kuching – with hoards of Indonesian plantation workers on board…..
Down at the airport is where it is happening with the Malaysian elections right now.
Secret flights are heading out loaded with cash.
Meanwhile overloaded chartered jets are flying in crowded with foreign workers, suspected of being dragooned into voting for BN.
It would appear that the rats are leaving the sinking ship, while the PM is still desperately trying to win this election “at any cost”
Emails from Air Asia & Malaysian Airways expose a desperate PM
Today, emails leaked to the opposition by staff working at both Air Asia and Malaysian Airways have left Najib Razak desperately exposed [see base of article].
They indicate that while his departing henchmen and rich businessmen have increasingly been losing faith that he can win this election, the PM has been caught red-handed trying to ferry tens of thousands of dubious voters over to KL to influence the outcome!
Staff insiders at Air Asia and Malaysian Airways have just leaked the devastating email interchanges, which lay bare the whole operation with both sets of emails implicating the Prime Minister personally in the extraordinary operation.
‘We need to move 30,000 people over a 3 day period’ – PM needs to know how our plans are going
As his UMNO troops have started to desert in their private jets, can the PM survive this devastating exposure?
Rats leaving the sinking ship?
Because chartered jumbos are not the only unusual traffic that has been raising eyebrows.
Private jets have also been busy as rich Malaysians are getting their money out by whatever means it seems.  One the eye-witness account from air crew came through to Sarawak Report yesterday of:
 “a private plane leaving Subang filled with a collection of luxury bags,and one large gunny sack stuffed with US dollars-estimated value RM 2.5 billion‬. Bags were dropped off by men in suits driving a couple of sliver Mercedeses , number plate “11″
From vote buying to vote flying!
Mass transportation of ‘voters’ is underway
As for the traffic moving in the other direction, PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim has come out tonight stating that his information is solid that these are foreign workers being ferried to KL to be used as ‘voting fodder’.
PKR have made clear that they believe that the UMNO supporting Election Commission (both the Chairman and deputy were card-carrying UMNO members) are registering them as new voters.
One senior PKR member told Sarawak Report today:
“The National Registration Department which issues I.C.s (Identity Cards) secretly issue these cards to the PM’s Office, which then gets undercover agents to recruit foreign nationals, who get their pictures taken and then superimposed on the I.Cs and then the Election Commission which is in charge of registering voters simply key in the data of these new I.C.s into their system. Voila! New voters!”
And today Najib indeed appears to have been caught red-handed, bringing in dubious workers from the two East Malaysian states to vote BN in marginal seats in peninsular Malaysia.
Passenger manifest
The leaked emails indicate that the Prime Minister has been urgently coordinating the chartering of massive 747s to ship over 40,000 Indonesians or East Malaysians from Kuching and KK, airports, backwaters that normally never see the like of such aircraft.
The incriminating evidence is there in snapshots, emails and aircraft information that are currently going viral on the web.
Both the emails leaked from Air Malaysia and Air Asia indicate that the matter is being coordinated by the Prime Minister’s office.  One from Malaysian Airways makes plain that the chartered planes are to “ferry voters and election workers from BKE and KCH”.
Since when did these sleepy plantation states become packed with poor West Malaysian workers needing charter flights back to KL or indeed East Malaysian, who might be registered in West Malaysia and need to go back to vote?
Suspicions are now rife that many of these individuals may be foreign plantation workers, doing their masters’ bidding.
Malaysian Airlines – ‘Schedule to ferry voters and election workers’ from Kuching to KL
Moreover, while all names are obliterated from the Malaysian Airways emails, the ones from Air Asia show clearly who many of the key writers and recipients of the emails are. They include the Chief Executive Aireen Omar.
See this smoking gun email below from Omar with a second reference to the need to report back to the PM herself!  (full evidence via link is available at base of page)
Can you let me know about flight availability by tomorrow morning as I have to see PM at noon!!!
One wonders how BN has the brass necked cheek to pose as the party of ‘stability’ when it indulges in such grossly provocative acts as this plan to plane and then bus thousands of foreigners to the polling stations of such places as Selangor on Sunday?
Charter planes arriving just before the election and leaving straight after! Is this what BN mean about ‘winning’ back Selangor at any price?
Cooperation from BN’s ‘fixed deposit’ states
And how typical of the two corrupted BN tyrants of East Malaysia, Chief Ministers Taib Mahmud and Musa Aman to cooperate in such a scandalous activity.
According to airport insiders the charters have already started ferrying helpless plantation workers, who do what they are told to do
Both men are exposed up to their necks in graft, with billions in kickbacks firmly labelled against their names.  Therefore both are desperate to do what they can to save Najib who will protect them for as long as they can provide BN the seats he needs to keep power.
40,000 plantations workers on a plane by the weekend to vote in Selangor?  Why not!
Sabah’s Project IC is the direct comparison.  Then UMNO ‘legalised’ foreign nationals to steal the East Malaysian state from its native voters.
Now it appears they are flying those workers over West Malaysia to steal their states too!
Malaysian air crew speaking to journalists at Heathrow airport had this to say Tuesday morning:
Was at Heathrow on Tuesday and met some senior aircrew. They claim that Najib is using MAS old 747s (the ones which were old and replaced by the new A380s) to fly foreigners in from both KK and Kuching…..  there have been several of these flights over the past weeks”[UK journalist].
As per Tony’s email!
The involvement of the Chairman of Air Asia is also plain in this trail of emails.  Tony Fernandez (now world famous as the owner of QPR Football Club) is the BN client and supposed ‘whizz kid’, who went from nowhere to the head of a major airline in a twinkling of an eye having caught the eye of Mahathir some years back.
He clearly owes his political allies some loyalty:
Air Asia, which is hand in glove with the Malaysian powers that be, needs to come out and explain each of these flights immediately – and the role of the PM in organising them
Today Anwar Ibrahim released this compelling evidence of the ‘vote flying’ in an urgent press statement followed by a release of the evidence that BN are now being forced to struggle to explain.
Get to the airport and photograph the disgraceful activity!
Worrying crowds – Are BN also Buying up Bangaldeshis as their traditional crowd fodder melt away?
Promoting BN, but is he Malay?
There is another issue that has been gaining attention across the blogs.  Concern has grown that BN has been paying a different section of Malaysia’s community of foreign workers to perform another aspect of its election strategy.
This is crowd buying.
BN’s oil flushed, timber flushed solution to all its problems for the last 50 years has been “if you need it, buy it”.
And in this election it seems that as it has become harder to buy up their own Malay supporters for the party, they have started to pay poor immigrant cheer leaders to wear their T-shirts and wave their flags.
Meanwhile, the real UMNO troopers are concentrating on getting their money out of town.
The level of graft of by the ruling elite, which is currently pouring its money out of KL and into foreign safe havens has been causing even the banking community to feel sickened at the sight, according to insiders who have confided to Sarawak Report.
Follow the money to see what a growing number of panicking UMNO bigwigs think the outcome of this election will be.  Last year as many Malaysians as British nationals bought property in Central London. One told a London estate agent before Christmas:
 ”I will buy any property you have in Central London on your books.  I need to get my money out as there is to be an election in Malaysia soon and the next government may be stricter about people like me taking out money like this!”
But, while BN’s henchmen are starting to run round like disturbed ants, there is one man who is determined that the party should win this coming election and that is the PM Najib Razak, whose pride depends on success.
Who can blame these people if they have been asked by their bosses to wave such flags for a small sum?
And if that means shipping in tens of thousands of foreign illegal voters and putting tens of thousands more into BN T-shirts all to con an election from his own people, then it seems he is prepared to try and carry it off.
But Najib’s actions are being watched by the entire nation now and they are likely to do far more damage than good to his cause of winning this election “at any cost”.
[Press Statement by Anwar Ibrahim on air shipping voters into KL
For evidence provided by PKR on shipping voters into KL Click here and here]

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Collection of articles on Lahad Datu standoff

These are collections of articles.Some interesting point is the suggestion of using Sabahan's Suluk assets, such as Tun Juhar and Shafie Apdal.
Lahad Datu Incursion: Our Leaders have failed not just Sabahans
16 Votes
March 5, 2013

Lahad Datu Incursion: Our Leaders have failed not just Sabahans

  1. by Din Mericannd
Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I had tea with a Semenanjung (West Malaysia) man with his wife who is a Sabahan lady. He was seething with anger over what is happening in Lahad Datu. Come to think of it, I am now not sure if he was angry or was just expressing utter disappointment in the state of our country.
sulu lahad datu soldiers
 Our tea conversation started with our worry over the high incidents of street crimes and the failure of the Home Ministry to curb it. It is now almost a daily occurrence that someone gets snatched, slashed and snatched, and crashed and snatched even in locked cars at traffic lights. This is manifest that the Police have failed in upholding their pledge under the Police Act - the protection of life and property.
 Then the topic became more heated when my friend’s wife, the Sabahan lady, said that our leaders have failed us in more ways than one. She said Malaysians in Semenanjung  no longer feel safe within the borders of the country, and,as a Sabahan, she is now petrified that her home state can be so easily “invaded” by a ragtag army from Southern Philippines.
Hishamuddin-The Bird Watcher2
She recalled that some three weeks ago, the Home Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, expelled an Australian Senator Nick Zenophon because he was a threat to the national security of the country, but defended the presence of the Sulu gunmen as somewhat of a peaceful delegation. And now what has happened?
Zaid HamidiShe then asked rhetorically – Where is our Malaysian army? Where is our Malaysian Navy? Where is our Scorpene submarine? We spend billions in defence and we can’t even ward off a rag tag unsophisticated group of criminals from across the border.
It is meaningless for Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi (left) to appear on the front page of national newspapers dressed in army fatigues, whereas we have allowed one hot spot in Lahad Datu to expand to Sampoerna and Kunak. And yet our Ministers say it is only 3 locations. ONLY?
We were then joined by another couple from Sabah, the husband is a former Policeman turned private sector lawyer and the wife a former magistrate in Sabah. Both of them were very certain of whom they hold responsible – our government leaders. All were very sympathetic to the policemen who were killed and their families. “We grieve for them but their deaths could have been avoided if the politicians had taken things more seriously and are not busy politicising this matter” said the lawyer husband.
He pointed out the multiple crimes committed by these Filipino criminals – illegal entry, bearing and using firearms, kidnapping, murder etc etc, all these latter crimes punishable with capital punishment. He mocked our Foreign Minister, Information Minister and all government Ministers for falling into the trap of characterising these criminals as the Sulu Sultanate army. They are not even recognised by the Philippines Government and yet we are ever too eager to treat them as if they are a legitimate army.
 On the night the 2 Policemen were killed, the country’s InformationRais YatimMinister, Rais Yatim, was on national TV at the Malaysian Film Festival receiving an award of his own creation, insensitive to the fact that the nation’s security personnel are battling their lives for the country.
There is a news blanket on what is happening in Sabah whereas entertainment programs continue to lull the public into complacency, into a false sense of security oblivious to the fact that the security forces are facing clear and present danger from this highly explosive situation.
When 911 happened in New York, all TV stations in the USA made live reporting hour by hour as if the whole of USA was under attack. The incident received worldwide attention and sympathy. Here in Malaysia, we have an invasion-type criminals terrorising the state of Sabah, and yet our leaders make it appear as if it does not affect the country. Is Sabah a hinterland of no significance to the Federation of Malaysia? What does being part of a federation mean if the Federal government cannot protect Sabah as part of its sovereignty? This is the central issue in this incident.
“It is also a mistake to keep on harping about these criminals being Sulus” said the Sabahan wife. “Just as Malaysia is a multiracial country that we are proud of, Sabahans too consist of many indigenous groups including Malay, Chinese,Kadazan, Murut, Bajau and Sulu. Thus, focusing on the Sulu will isolate the Sulu people to feel uneasy and forced to take sides” she said. In Sampoerna, it was the Sulu community that disarmed the infiltrating criminals. So, there are good patriotic Malaysian Sulus just as there are patriotic Malaysian Indians, Chinese, Kadazan, Murut and others.
 On the other hand the country’s leaders from Semenanjung seemed Shafie Apdalignorant in not involving the TYT of Sabah who is a Sulu, or for that matter the Sabah UMNO Chief Shafie Afdal who is also a Sulu, in seeking a resolution to this problem. The best asset available in Sabah are not used, instead the Semenanjung Ministers are busy posing for photographs!
 Then the lawyer husband made an interesting comment that this incident would not have happened in the time when Dato Ramli Yusuff was Police Commissioner Sabah and Brig-Gen Yasin was Army Commander Sabah. I asked him why he said that. He then narrated a fact unknown to most Malaysians that after the Sipadan hostage incident in 1999-2000, Dato Ramli became Commissioner Sabah from 2001- 2004.
Ramli Yusuff
At the request of the then Chief Minister Chong Kah Kiat, Dato Ramli (above) formed a special Task Force with the Army Commander of Sabah to rid the state of illegal Indonesian and Filipino immigrants. Hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants were driven out of Sabah. Ramli was so successful that the then State Government of Sabah awarded him the Dato’ Pahlawan Sabah for truly taking care of Sabah’s territorial borders.
 But little did Dato Ramli realise that he was digging his own grave by doing that because those whom he drove out of Sabah were not just illegal immigrants. These were illegal immigrants issued with NRIC masterminded in a BiroTataNegara (BTN) project to secure Sabah votes for BN. This is now revealed in the on-going RCI on the NRIC issue. It is a surprise that neither Chong Kah Kiat nor Dato Ramli are asked to give evidence in this RCI.
 So, for doing that “good deed” for Sabah, Dato Ramli was summoned back to KL on a lateral transfer as CPO Pahang. In 2006, when Dato Ramli became the Director CCID, he was aware of the fragile coastal line around the Tanjung Labian area. To prevent illegal human traffic and arms flow, he conducted an aerial survey over the area called Den Haven in Tanjung Tebian in full uniform escorted by 4 other uniformed police personnel. For doing that, then IGP Musa Hassan and A-G Gani Patail charged Dato Ramli for unlawfully using a Police Cessna for personal use. That was how insidious A-G Gani Patail behaved towards Dato Ramli in order to bring him down.
 Dato Ramli was protecting the Sabah borders and yet he was charged justA-G Gani Patail because A-G Gani Patail (right) couldn’t find enough things to charge Ramli for in that infamous RM 27Million Cop Story. After that, no Commissioner Sabah dared to do a similar aerial survey and that explained the intrusion into the Sabah borders that we see today undetected by our security forces.
 Life has a strange way of turning a full circle. Today, we know that Dato Ramli was cleaning up and saving Sabah while A-G Gani Patail, a Sabahan, was and is preoccupied saving crooks and criminals close to the corridors of power. Today we know some truth, not all, but some truth about how the NRIC project in Tun Mahathir’s time and perpetuated by other BN leaders have proven costly to Sabah.
 We mourn for the loss of lives of our security personnel. They are indeed heroes and should be honoured as such. Malaysians should be united in that. However, we cannot absolve our leaders for the mistakes they committed in causing these losses.
map-sabah-intrudersWe cannot forgive the Home Minister Hishamamuddin Hussein, the Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi and the Information Minister Rais Yatim for all their bungling acts. Ultimately, the buck must stop with the Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, and the government of the day that he leads that has caused our sovereignty to be trifled with and our territorial integrity violated.
As we approach GE 13, the likes of Dato’ Ramli and other former military leaders must come forth to seek election as the people’s representative. These are the people whom we can trust to protect our country and our sovereignty when our current leaders have failed not just Sabahans but all Malaysians!

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Proof of the murder of Chief Minister of Sabah

When there is a murder accusation, anyone withholding evidence is guilty of murder as well.
That means the Australian Government as well.
SAPP will demand Double Six findings
Published on: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kota Kinabalu: A test pilot here said if the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) is voted into power in the coming general election, the new State Government of Sabah will demand from the Australian Government the release of its forensic findings on the air plane crash in the Double Six tragedy. Captain Joseph Lakai said plane crashes such as the Double Six tragedy that claimed the lives of former Chief Minister Tun Fuad Stephens and 10 others should be made public.
He said reports of such air crashes are useful in research to find out what went wrong whether it was due to pilot error, ground engineer errors, technical fault, air design fault, bad weather or other unexplained causes.
The former flight test engineer and test pilot in Royal Malaysian Air Force said the reports are also necessary for victims' families to pursue insurance and negligent claims against aircraft manufacturers and airlines.
"To keep the June 6, 1976 crash report continuously away from public sight, especially after 37 years, is completely unacceptable and unimaginable.
"The circumstances surrounding the air crash and the secrecy of the report into it can give rise to suspicions and speculations.
"As a patriotic Sabahan, an aviation consultant and a mechanical engineer, I fully agree with SAPP's efforts to uncover the truths behind the air crash by first getting the 1976 report released," he said.
He said SAPP's MP for Sepanggar, Datuk Eric Majimbun, had posed this question to the Federal Government in Parliament but to no avail.
He said the Double Six tragedy that took place on June 6, 1976 at Sembulan involved an Australian manufactured GAF Nomad N-22B type twin engine turboprop passenger aircraft operated by Sabah Air.
The then Sabah's Chief Minister Tun Fuad Stephens perished in the crash, along with Datuk Salleh Sulong, Datuk Wahid Peter Andu, Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Datuk Chong Thain Vun and Datuk Darius Binion.
The other victims were Fuad's son Johari, Dr Syed Hussien Wafa, Ishak Atan, Corporal Said Mohammad and pilot Captain Nathan Ghandi.
"Immediately after the crash, there were allegations of foul play due to the political circumstances at that time," Lakai said.
He said the Australian government sent a team of four investigators to assist in the investigation of the crash.
He said preliminary investigations indicated overloading was one of the contributing factors.
"However, the real reason remains a mystery and the air mishap surrounding is still unexplained and this had haunted many who tried to seek the truth behind the tragic incident, while the original report on the incident remains classified until today," he added.
He said the people of Sabah want to know why the 1976 report remains classified and not allowed to be published.
"Now we Sabahans want and should know the truth about what really happened on June 6, 1976.
He concluded that according to the National Archives of Australia record series B5535 Annexure 1S33(1)(a) - Reason for decision (not to make public the findings) were because;
- Annex 13 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation - Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation requires that a participating state in an investigation not release details of the investigation without the permission of the main investigating state.
- Malaysia has not as yet publicly released their final and full report of the investigation.
- The Australian Transport Safety Bureau undertakes investigation of aircraft accidents under Annex 13. The public disclosure of this information would lessen the confidence of foreign governments in Australia's commitment to meeting the requirement of Annex 13 and compromise the future activities of the ATSB and impair its ability to carry out its statutory function.
- Release of the information could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the international relation of the Commonwealth.
Annexure 1 S33 (1) (b), he said, stated:
- The information was of an inherently confidential nature when communicated to the Australian government.
The information is still afforded security protection by the foreign government and it has asked that the information not be disclosed to the public.
- The disclosure of this information would therefore constitute a breach of confidence owed of that foreign government.

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Ming Dynasty started as a Muslim Empire

Posted 25 February 2009 - 03:41 PM

I stumbled upon a website saying that Zhu Yuanzhang who was the founder of the Ming Dynasty could possibly be a Muslim, and that whether if he was a Han is questionable. Heres the excerpt from the link:

"Is Ming Dynasty Muslim- Fact or Speculation?

Many people question the identity of the first Ming emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang or Hongwu Emperor. Some claim that he was a Muslim of Semitic (Semu) Non-Han origin.

Yusuf Chang, a Chinese Muslim from Taiwan, was one of those who made this claim. He claimed that his ancestor had married a Ming princess and thus he was a descendant of Zhu Yuanzhang and knew the secrets of the Islamic religion of the Ming royal family.

He presented many startling evidences to support his claims. They are:

1. When Zhu Yuanzhang was young, his family perished in a famine and he buried them by wrapping them in white clothes. Wrapping the dead in white clothes is a Muslim custom.

2. Zhu Yuanzhang's closest associates were Muslims. Thus, the Ming dynasty was founded by Muslims.

3. Zhu Yuanzhang passed a strict law forbidding 'wine'. Once he had the son of his close associate executed for breaking the law. 'Wine' is strictly forbidden in Islam.

4. Empress Ma (Zhu's consort) was a Muslim. She had personally cook all the meals for Zhu, even after he had become the Emperor.

5. The royal colour of the Ming dynasty was green, the colour which symbolizes Islam.

6. Zhu Yuanzhang ordered the building of a mosque in Nanjing soon after he ascended the throne and he personally wrote a poem praising Islam and Prophet Muhammad. This poem is seen by Muslims as the 'syahada' the testimony of Zhu's faith in Islam.

7. Many Muslims rose to high ranks during the Ming dynasty. One good example was Admiral Zheng He. Admiral Zheng He's fleet sailed to Mecca, Arabia and performed the 'haj'. Yusuf Chang claims that Zheng He was sent by the Ming emperor to perform the 'haj' on his behalf because the emperor was not able to do so as he wanted to keep his religion a secret among the non-Muslim masses. This practice is allowed in Islam.

8. The Ming dynasty established good ties with many Muslim countries. This is because the Ming dynasty is Muslim and the religion of the Ming royal family is Islam.

9. The Islamic Calendar was made the official calendar during the Ming dynasty. "

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An excellent article equating Sabah's predicament with Palestine

In whose hands lies Sabah’s destiny?

Vidal Yudin Weil | February 1, 2013
It is time to end decades of grinding uncertainty which has harmed the economic growth of Sabah.
For more than three and a half decades, the people of Sabah have always been aware of the huge number of foreigners arriving here and given fast-track citizenships to become voters.
We now hear directly from the horses’ mouth in the Royal Commission of Inquiry, confirming the clandestine modus operandi employed by Umno and carried out by the Election Commission and National Registration Department in rigging every Sabah election to sabotage the Sabahans’ choice of governments.
Unless the Barisan Nasional federal government now swiftly abolish the death penalty like it did the Internal Security Act, all the conspirators from both sides of the political divide might be sent to the gallows for high treason when their immunity from prosecution is revoked and removed once a change of government takes place.
Why even from the opposition side? How were they involved? For those who do not already know, apart from the dead and retired, 90% of the remaining perpetrators are now playing active roles in PKR and they are all at the top levels.
It is a fact known to all politicians from the peninsula that all along Malaya needs resource-rich Sabah and Sarawak to stay afloat instead of vice versa and one way to ensure that the money keeps pouring in is to deny and prevent the legitimate people of Sabah, at all costs and by all immoral and illegal means, from electing a state government that will turn off the hydrant.
But one question kept popping up among the people here even from the villages these days: is this union called Malaysia still tenable at all by international democratic standards propagated by the United Nations?
Many people in Malaya, including also senior constitutional lawyers and history professors, are pathetically confused that Malaysia is Malaya while Sabah and Sarawak are merely states like the 11 states in the peninsula.
What they never try to find out was: does Malaysia really have sovereignty without Sabah and Sarawak in the equation?
Is this what has become of citizens who were hoodwinked from young with a distorted version of events riddled with major historical inaccuracies and an endless series of purely fictional scenes played by non-existent characters and peddled by a government which is totally bankrupt of morals?
Is the Malaysia Agreement signed in 1963 actually legal? Does Britain have sovereignty over the whole of Sabah when giving independence? Is the Malaysian government still paying annual rentals to the heirs of the Sulu sultanate until today? If the Malaysia Agreement is illegal, doesn’t that mean that Sabah is technically still a British colony then?
Scotland with all its oil wealth in the North Sea will decide in a referendum by its people in 2014 whether to leave the United Kingdom; South Sudan with all its petroleum wells is now an independent nation as from 2011; likewise, if it is no longer in Sabah’s interest to remain in an unreformed union, should the legitimate people of Sabah be given the opportunity to decide in a referendum conducted by the United Nations if they would still be in favour of staying on or leave Malaysia?
Or, will Sabah secede and declare independence like Kosovo from Yugoslavia in 2008 which the International Court of Justice at The Hague ruled in 2010 that the unilateral declaration of independence by the democratically and legitimately elected government of Kosovo does not violate any international laws?
But then again, isn’t it better and more fun to remain and make the federal government beg for financial survival?

Can Sabahans trust Anwar?

Sabah people resent the interference of Kuala Lumpur in their lives and their disillusionment with the BN federal government is now at an all-time high.
It is time for the people to have their say to settle this Malaysian quagmire in Sabah politics; this is the time Sabah voters must decide whether to claw back the sovereignty of Sabah from Malaya.
Voters in Sabah must use this chance to choose whether they want to be ruled by Malaya or to determine their own affairs while opting to stay in Malaysia.
This time, the situation is more serious than the political battles of 1976 and 1985 when Usno and Berjaya were kicked out respectively.
Do the people of Sabah still remember the long list of developments promised by Anwar Ibrahim to be carried out within 100 days after hijacking the mandate of the people in 1994? What came out of it? Will we still trust a Pakatan Rakyat led by this same man?
It is time to end decades of grinding uncertainty which has harmed the economic growth of Sabah.
Sabahans must send a historic ultimatum to Malaya to get out of Sabah affairs by showing all their parties the exit door. The bullying must be stopped. We must roll out the red carpet for a grand send-off for all the Malaya-based parties.
Until Sabah is finally free from all forms of interference by any party from Malaya, everyone is a slave.
The present BN government does not embrace reforms and the current chief minister does not have an effective and intelligent Cabinet. BN politicians are most dangerous, most obnoxious, and the least intelligent.
Will the election manifesto of local opposition parties insist that powers be returned to the state as her interests are best served in a complete autonomy and promise the people to be flexible and adaptable in order to re-invent the economy of Sabah?
As millions of Malaysians in Sabah are saddled with debts, will there be major changes to difficult questions confronting Sabah? Will our local opposition politicians make us more competitive? Will they be fair and democratically accountable? Our economy is now very brittle and recovery must not take longer than six months; we badly need a new chief minister who is capable of change and ensure that citizens have jobs, small businesses will not struggle with low turnovers, and families not squeezed by high inflation.

Najib embarrassed

It was reported that in the second quarter of 2012, government debt was expected to be around RM503 billion or about 54% of GDP; we are indeed standing on the thin rope of bankruptcy.
As usual, a major international embarrassment happened last week to our prime minister.
Our beleaguered and embattled Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak went overseas to Gaza in a bid to divert attention away from all his failures at home exactly like what former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad did when he was pushed to a tight corner; only this time, it backfired right into his face when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced Najib’s visit as interfering in their domestic affairs.
Many Malaysians, particularly 99% of the Malays, do not understand the Palestine conflict. The issue in Palestine was never about religion between Judaism and Islam; it was always about the occupation of land and flooding the occupied territories with Jews from all over the world.
The facts are that many Jewish Israelis do not agree with their government’s actions and supported the Palestinians in their struggle; and that many leaders and victims in Palestine are in fact Christians – Hanan Daoud Khalil Ashrawi is one fine example, among others.
Every year when he was still alive, Yasser Arafat accompanied his Christian wife Suva into church to celebrate Christmas mass and one particular year he took to the pulpit and told the congregation in front of international media that Jesus Christ was born a Palestinian and He (Jesus) also would have fought the Israeli occupation.
Did our Malay leaders tell the citizens, particularly the Muslims, about this? Instead, they make it look like as if it was a Jewish conspiracy against Islam.
Are the Muslim people of Palestine closer in brotherhood to the Muslims of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, and Syria who fought and brought down their tyrannical governments or are they closer to the Muslims of Malaysia who support a despotic government corrupted to the core?
A government that relied on suppressing the people and keeping them segregated and unequal in religion and race as a tactic to hold on to power? A country where citizens were denied the attainment of equal individual and collective rights which should also include the right to separate identities and cultural institutions after five miserable decades of so-called independence?
Is it any surprise that integration and living in harmony was never in Umno-BN’s vocabulary?
Doesn’t the Umno-led BN government look more like the cruel regimes of Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi, Ben Ali, Saddam Hussein, and Bashar al-Assad?
The question now is no longer whether all these are being done to dupe the Malay Muslim voters, but whether the Malay Muslims are still gullible enough to be fooled?
Sabah’s situation is no different from Palestine; we are also fighting occupation by Malaya politicians who are flooding us with foreigners by giving them citizenships.
Like Palestine, all the Christians and Muslims in Sabah must kick them out.
Khalifah al-Barat mengutuk Emir al-Nusantara
Jejak al-Gaza menyinggung Ummah
Al-Munafig menyamar sebagai Mukmin
Abu Jahil menjaja Hikmah
Fitnah menjadi Lumrah Langkasuka
Ulama buta Fatwa sesat
Baitulmal dirompak Rakyat dikejami
Sang Pendusta berlagak Imam Mahdi
Intifada Palestin seruan kepada Sabah
Undi Pembangkang menggantikan batu
Merejam Syaitan di PRU 2013 – Ameen.
The writer is a former member of Sabah’s faded tourism industry; loves food and speed; and blogs at giving no quarters.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Unethical AIRASIA destroying SABAH

By not providing direct flights from Kota Kinabalu to Seoul, while both Korean Air and Asiana direct flights are always full, AIRASIA is destryoying Sabah's tourism industry. Tourism industry is the only industry left where the benefits go to Sabahans. Timber, oil palm and petroleum industries mostly benefit West Malaysians.

The solution is very simple. Just return the landing rights to Tokyo and Seoul to Malaysia Airlines. By not doing anything about it, when it was the BN government's decision to transfer the landing rights from MAS to AIRASIA, BN is responsible for more destruction of Sabah and MAS.

By destroying both Sabah and MAS, BN is destroying the nation as well. Lies about MAS losing in these flights are more proofs about BN lack of concern about Sabah. Direct flight to Tokyo was almost full even just a few months after the radiation scare. The direct flight to Hong Kong that I also took recently was also almost full. MAS staff cannot get standby seats on flights to Korea.


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