Monday, July 4, 2011

Why SAbah was the richest in the world under the British

SAbah was clearly colonised by Great Britain and UK admits it, while
SAbah is also clearly colonised by Malaya, despite denials by Malayan
officials and their servants in Sabah.

Sabahans don't really care whether we are colonised or not, since we
are used to it. What matters is if the colonial masters are fair or
compassionate or not. Clear the British are much better than Malaya.
FActs show it clearly in all former British colonies despite the
propaganda uttered by the later colonial masters using locality as an
excuse to plunder citizens.

When you want to compare, you must compare apples with apples, oranges
with oranges. In the case of development, you must compare the same
time and take into account the number of people residing at that time.

A good indicator of wealth is car.
Now BN likes to lie about the fact that Sabah has more cars now than
under the British, to show that Sabah is now more wealthy under
Malaya. What they fail to tell you is that, based on facts and figures
from all the world bodies and Sabah Government's EPU(Economic Planning
Unit), the number of cars per population is the worst in Malaysia, and
if you compare with the rest of the world, among the worst. After all,
Malaysia does not have the highest car ownership in the world.

What it means that even the poorest nations on earth, have more cars
per population than even Sabah. Watching documentaries and news clips
will clearly show the cars roaming the streets of the poorest nations
on earth.

Under the British, just after the wars, there are a few cars in Sabah,
much less than now, but many other nations, don't even have cars at
all. You may argue that UK has more cars than Sabah in those days, but
if you take into account the much lower population of Sabah, Sabah is
almost the same level in car ownership as UK, which makes Sabah among
the richest in the whole world.

The railway is even clear. There is not a single increase in railway
track under Malaya. Under the British, it was from zero, to hundreds
of kilometers, which is at an infinite rate. Many regions still do not
have any railway, e.g. Sarawak, even now.

Sabah also has the most advanced communication system in the world,
much better than Malaya. It was at par with Singapore but since Sabah
has much less population, it makes Sabah, the best equipped in the
whole world.
You may argue that it was used to ease the job of colonising Sabah,
but who cares. At least Sabahans also benefit, unlike the current
exploitation by the Malayan colonialists.

Our oil and gas is exploited without any benefit for Sabahans at all.
Not even jobs. While the British will recruit Sabahans and even train
them if they are not well trained yet, unlike the Malayans who give
excuses that Sabahans are not qualified for any job on offer.

Any qualified Sabahans will be transfered to Malaya under the so
called integration. It is more like suppressions. Just imagine UK
sending Sabahan workers to work in UK. The British didn't do this, but
Malaya does.

Under the British, jobs are plenty. It was Sabahans who don't want to
work. Under Malaya, Sabahans had to go out of Sabah to work, while
Malayans, who call themselves Malaysians, take the posts in Sabah, as
well as foreigners, giving excuses that Sabahans are lazy and stupid,
the usual excuses.

The British never call Sabahans lazy and stupid, and will train
Sabahans to handle even the most demanding tasks, just as piloting
ships. My father and many of my relatives are proofs of this.

Under Malaya, Sabahans, can't even get jobs as Police Constables, let
alone teachers. Just look at the policemen and teachers in Sabah, and
find out how many are locals. The Malayan workers outnumber Sabahans
by significant margins, whereas you hardly find British teachers in
Sabah under the British.

Of course you can find exceptions, but these are just excuses and it
was a hard fight for Sabahans to get jobs in Sabah, and you have to
make lots of sacrifices.

I just pity the life of my children. All our children must be prepared
to work overseas. You just can't find jobs in Sabah. Or as what my
brothers had done, get jobs in Malaya while waiting for openings in
Sabah. This had been going on since 30 years ago, and it should get

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Afer cutting off Sabah's Limbs, Sabah is blamed for being Lazy, and Musa agrees

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Date: Jul 2, 11:20 pm
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On Jul 2, 11:06 pm, "Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad" <>

> Paul Saccani has made a comment about the current state of affairs in
> Sabah which appear to be valid but actually nonsense. BAsed on real
> case stories in SAbah, Nigeria and even Indonesia before REformasi. It

> And yet the victims are condemned as stupid and lazy. But for the
> Sabah case, we have cases to fall back to of incidences before the
> THEFT and after the THEFT.

Also it is well known that GDP is affected by government expenditures.
The GDP in Sabah must have been severly affected by the lack of
government expenditures in the past that its GDP has dropped so low.
Now the low GDP is used as a guide in allocating fund to SAbah which
is grossly unfair. After stealing from Sabah, making it the POOREST IN
THE WORLD, money is allocated only based on its GDP so called alleged
Just like cutting off your limbs and blame you for not producing your
share of work after you have lost all your limbs.

The statements that Sabahan is stupid and lazy is well know to be made
by idiotic West Malaysians, who is so proud of their idiocy like one
minister who does not even know that Sandakan district is bigger than
the state of Pahang.


Paul Saccani has made a comment about the current state of affairs in Sabah which appear to be valid but actually nonsense. BAsed on real case stories in SAbah, Nigeria and even Indonesia before REformasi. It is called THEFT OF RESOURCES.

And yet the victims are condemned as stupid and lazy. But for the Sabah case, we have cases to fall back to of incidences before the THEFT and after the THEFT.

On Jul 2, 4:33 pm, Paul Saccani wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Jul 2011 16:45:21 -0700 (PDT), "Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj.

> Ahmad" wrote:
> >On Jul 1, 9:34 pm, Paul Saccani wrote:
> >> On Thu, 30 Jun 2011 05:12:38 -0700 (PDT), "Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj.

> >> Ahmad" wrote:
> >> >The current GDP for Sabah is 4%, not 6%.


> >Either interpretation, Sabah is still clearly discriminated. If the
> >share of malaysian GDP is only 10% whereas Sabah's population is 15%,
> >with an area of 23%, this is certainly a blatant discrimination and
> >lack of progress that Sabah had experienced.

> Again, you fail to comprehend your own cited article. It stated that
> Sabah's share of the GDP was 6%, and the article forecast that it
> would increase to 10%.

> For you to talk about discrimination is to expose your complete
> failure of comprehension once again. Using your figure of Sabah as
> 15% of the population of Malaysia, along with the figure of 6% of GDP
> produced there, the conclusion is that Sabahans are less than half as
> productive as the rest of Malaysia.

Even with most of the petroleum and oil palm produced in Malaysia???
Sabah is still less productive. Have you ever wondered why?

Do you know how GDP is calculated?

> >the usual way of measuring GDP is the growth % per year.

> Well, no, that is a complete and utter nonsense. And in any case the
> article was completely explicit;

No it doesn't. Even I only mention GDP instead of GDP annual growth,
and many authors use these simplified terms as well.

If you really want to be explicit, then use the word absolute GDP.

> "In terms of numbers, we think Sabah will increase its overall share
> in Malaysia's GDP from six per cent to 10 per cent in the next five
> years as it will grow faster than the more saturated Peninsular
> Malaysia,"

> In other words, unproductive Sabahans will increase their productivity
> by two thirds, according to the forecast. Even then, they will still

per Sabahan.

> be producing much less than their fair share of the work.

Valued in Ringgit Malaysian terms, per person.

They can do the same job, but paid much much less.

Have you ever wondered why? Idiot.

When all resources are stolen from SAbah, to be spent in West
Malaysia, their GDP per capita increases in terms of RM.

Whereas, Sabah, whose resources are stolen, have less GDP per capita
expenditure, simply because a lot of its money are stolen.

GDP has nothing to do with productivity. It is called GROSS DOMESTIC
PRODUCT for good reasons. Only idiots will use it as a sole
productivity measurement.

It is a good and fair measurement because it takes into account world
monetary values, unlike the PPP(?), so called adjusted GDP.

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> Of course, this will not be the case if you have anything to do with
> it - it seems that you would not work in an iron lung.

> > If you want
> >to diverge from the norm, you have to explain in more detail.

> 1: GDP is never measured in percentage.
> 2:What was being discussed was stated explicitly.
> 3:Your failures both in comprehension and writing are not a
> requirement for others to kow tow to your deviant ideas.

> >Because of your arrogant and racist attitude,

> Don't pretend that others suffer from your afflictions.

> > you can't even see
> >alternative meanings to phrases, and choose the best alternative based
> >on normal practise, which is the way honest people interpret.

> I see no signs of honesty, humility or comprehension from you.

> >Musa Aman is still lying.

> From the report, and your comments, it would seem that rather than
> Musa Aman being a liar, it is simply a case of you being too stupid
> and arrogant to comprehend an article written in simple English.

> With people like you in Sabah, it is no wonder that so little
> productivity occurs in the place, with the rest of Malaysia having to
> pay more taxes to subsidise stupid and incompetent people like you.

> At the moment, Sabah produces 6% of Malaysia's GDP, but gets 8% of
> government spending. You are getting subsidised with 33% more than

Wow. It may be 8% 6% of GDP, but certainly much more in revenue from
petroleum and oil palm that Sabah produces in abundance.

> you have produced, yet bemoan that you are being cheated. In fact,
> you are stealing from other Malaysians by being lazy and inefficient

Funnily, just before BN took over Sabah, Sabahan were not deemed lazy
and inefficient, with among the largest per capita GDP.
Why is it????

> and expecting others to pay you to be stupid, lazy and arrogant.

We don't expect others to pay for our salaries. We only want our
resources back, idiot.

If you look at the poverty statistics, it is not in the number of
developments, rather in the numbers of service personnel allocated to
SAbah, number of doctors, dentists, teachers etc.

Doctors are allocated by the Federal government. Also number of
schools, hospitals etc, all these making SAbah the POOREST IN THE

Don't you think this will not add to the per capita annual GDP? I am
being very explicit to idiots like you!!!

What 6% GDP contribution are you talking about when our income taxes
are not even spent to improve our lives to a decent level, only to the

Just spend all SABAH resources to ourselves. The GDP will
automatically go up and Sabah removed from the POOREST IN THE WORLD
category, like before.

Sabah has more resources now than before Malaysia or BN, and yet still

Don't tell me you cannot find doctors to work in Sabah, as most
doctors are from Bangladesh, Myanmar etc anyway.

Why send them to West Malaysia instead of the POOREST IN THE WORLD,
SABAH!!! Bloody bastard idiot.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sabah government knew Sabah was the poorest since 2002

The above is a link to the documents prepared by Sabah's EPU.

Pictures can be viewed at my blog sabahcolonised


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