Thursday, July 31, 2008

Re: Sabah Population Explosion Due to Removal of Passpart Requrement for West Malaysians

CKSF wrote:
> On Jul 28, 2:11 am, Politikus <> wrote:
>> On Jul 26, 6:57 pm, "Ir Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad" <>
>> wrote:
>>> Why should the West Malaysians stay in backward Sabah when their home
>>> states are much more advanced and developed than SAbah. Even Perlis is
>>> much much better than even the city of Sandakan,that are much bigger in
>>> area and resources.
>>> Sabahans must stop looking for scapegoats and start looking at their
>>> real enemy, which is Malaysia as represented by the Federal Government.
>> For a start, maybe should just rid Sabah state government of
>> incompetent leaders... :-p
> Indeed, and I believe therein lies the horrible rot. And within Sabah,
> the propagation that all that is wrong is because of other
> Malaysians.

There is a clear rule of justice. The victim is never at fault.
The Sabahan leaders may be pathetically ignorant but they are not
thieves of SAbah's resources. West Malaysians are, especially the
Federal Government.

No matter how good Sabah's leaders are, how much can they do when they
are only given 8% for a population of 13% and area of 23%?

After constant prodding, Sabah was given an additional 1billion, but so
are many other states, making Sabah's portion still at 8%. Initally the
National budget was 200 billion but was increased to 230 billion in the

Can you blame Sabahan leaders for not asking what is actually their

The Federal officers are almost all WEST MALAYSIANS.

The extra population increase is also mostly WEST MALAYSIANS.

And yet, they never defended the increase in Sabah state budget claiming
that SAbahan leaders are incompetent!

What more do these West Malaysians want??

All FEDERAL POSTS ARE ALREADY TAKEN by them, right down to office boys,
and yet they dare to claim that Sabahan leaders are incompetent. Please
note that the implementation is done by Federal Officers, that are most
likely to be non-Sabahans.

I think West Malaysians are only satisfied if ALL SABAHAN LEADERS are to
be replaced by WEST MALAYSIANs, or at least the CHIEF MINISTER.

What makes it worse is that, MOST POLITICIANS are appointed by West
Malaysians, not by SAbahans, just like the Federal Government officers.
They were appointed not based on their INTELLIGENCE and INTEGRITY but by
being so pathetic and ingorant about Sabahan needs, like Lajim, who is
so happy that SAbah got an additional 1 billion, which is pitifully too
little, too small and too late.

I have just been told by a West Malaysian technician who loves to stay
in Sabah having married a Sabahan, that the first class room at Sandakan
Government Hospital is given an aircon that is too noisy. He complained
directly to the director, and noted that the director's room has good
air con, but doctors on standby had to sleep on paper boxes.

Do you think the director is so stupid as not to request for these first
class rooms to be renovated??? And standby doctors provided with decent
rooms like any normal hospital in West Malaysian, and even UNDER SABAH
ADMINSTERED HOSPITALS!!! Their request were just rejected because there
is simply not enough budget. Given only 8%, with a disproportionately
high allocation for education(16% of the national total), the amount
left for hospital must be pititul, i.e. only 4% for a population of 13%.

I had the pleasure to visit these first class hospitals during Sabah's
administration and a few years after SAbah was colonised by Malaya. Most
government services were staffed by Sabahans especially the hospitals
because it was still under Sabah state government. At that time, the
first class rooms were very impressive. Now, just a few years after it
was handed over to the Federal Government, even Kota kInabalu does not
have any First Class rooms. My auty has just got an operation. Don't
tell me that illegals are staying in these First Class rooms.

They don't even cater for the illegal West Malaysians,let alone Sabahans.


Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains next to
civilisation with no natural and man-made disasters except Malaysia.
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sikarno is the real Hero Of Sabah

If you read the history above, instead of the Malaysian version, it
should be clear that the aims of Indonesia was to defeat the whole of
Malaysia in order to prevent the formation of Malaysia.

On the instigation of Azahari, Sukarno was against the joining of Sabah
and Sarawak to Malaya. Azahari proposed the union of Sabah, Sarawak and

As a SAbahan, I don't care if we join with Brunei, Malaya or Indonesia
as long as we are looked after. One thing is certain though, that
Malaysia is a disaster for Sabah by making Sabah the poorest in Malaysia
and in the world, depsite its resources.

All leaders that had led to this situation cannot be called heroes of
Sabah. However these people had paid their fate by being dead in an
aeroplane that was denied immediate landing and finally exploded in
mid-air i.e. Fuad Stephens, and another, Tun Mustapha, sent to oblivion
by making his party illegal and therefore forced to accept UMNO that
finally abandoned him.

If Sabah had been forced to join Indonesia, like West Irian, I don't see
any fate much worse than what Sabah is in at the moment with Malaysia.
Despite all figures pointing out to the discriminatory budget, the same
budget had been maintained with slight adjustment only that is also done
to all other states in Malaya. Despite the high incidence of poverty in
Sabah, there is no program at all to alleviate poverty, only hard-core
poverty are being budgeted for. Sabahans had been so muted as not to
make any forceful response to all these mistreatments.

But there is no evidence that it was Sukarno's intention to annex Sabah.
He was more concerned about the neo-colonisation of Sabah by Malaya than
gaining anything out of Sabah. Since he is proven right, to his death,
he is the real hero of Sabah for fighting for its true Freedom and
rights, unlike the other Sabahan leaders that had succumbed to various
forms of corruption and finally suffer as a result.

I have net read a single speech of Sukarno so cannot make a true
judgement. What I read was the propaganda by his enemies in Indonesia
and Malaysia but they all don't make sense compared to the evidences
that I see.

I also envy the progress made to our neighbour Kalimantan that enjoyed
progress with flyovers being built in Banjarmasin a few years earlier
than Kota Kinabalu, and Sabah has much more oil than Banjarmasin. This
is thanks to the 20% oil revenue retained by the states in Indonesia,
while Sabah only retains a promised 5% with as little as only 1%
delivered. Adding insult to injury, not a single cent is being given to
Sabah for its gas fields, and not single industry being built, instead
being piped to Bintulu for export, thus destroying our beatiful beaches
and seas, while Sabahans getting nothing out of it, except poverty.

I don't see much future for Sabahans in Sabah itself. In order to
survive, they have to work outside Sabah as had been done currently in
larger and larger numbers while illegal immigrants from Malaya getting
the richest juices of Sabah, illegal immigrants from the Philippines
depressing salaries for the bread crumb jobs and opportunities.

Let us hope that I'm wrong, but facts and figures don't lie. Only people
will lie. With what is happening to our jidiciary and election
commission, it looks more and more like Zimbabwe, another former British

Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains next to
civilisation with no natural and man-made disasters except Malaysia.
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Sabah Population Explosion Due to Removal of Passpart Requrement for West Malaysians

Read the above article. It shows clearly that since that day, in 2005,
West Malaysians can just enter Sabah without any need for any Passport.

Blaming it all on Illegal Immigrants may be correct but they need not be
Filipinoes but also West Malaysians.

West Malaysians and Sarawakians are not supposed to work in Sabah
without any work permit but how strongly is it enforced when
non-Malaysians can get work easily.

Claiming that more than 500,000 are illegal Filipino immigrants are just
absurd when even now the deportation exercise only claimed to deport
150,000 with 50,000 so far.

It is just an excuse to continue the discriminatory budget allocation
for Sabah. Even after the deportation of the Filipino illegals, the
population of Sabah is still not 10% of the National population but more
like 12%, down from 13%, but the budget allocation even after the
mid-term review is still only 10%.

Many Sabahans are filled with racist hatred for the mostly muslim
Filipinoes ignoring the many Christian Immigrants as well. Now the truth
of the matter is that many of the street children are even Sabahans, as
reported in Borneo Post, Sabah.

The greatest danger to Sabah is Malaysia, i.e the Federal Government.
Even the West Malaysians immigrants that like to call themselves
Malaysians, don't give a damn about the lack of budget allocation for
SAbah because many of them are only thinking of going back to their home

Why should the West Malaysians stay in backward Sabah when their home
states are much more advanced and developed than SAbah. Even Perlis is
much much better than even the city of Sandakan,that are much bigger in
area and resources.

Sabahans must stop looking for scapegoats and start looking at their
real enemy, which is Malaysia as represented by the Federal Government.

Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains next to
civilisation with no natural and man-made disasters except Malaysia.
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama Can Fight For Sabah

It was reported in the Borneo Post, 24th July, 2008 that Obama, the Democratic Party Nominee for the US Presidential Election, has relatives in Sandakan, Sabah.

I cannot get the online version of this news so I scanned my newspaper under public interest rights.

Based on this report, it is clear that Obama's sister's father in law is my Secondary School Alumni, i.e. a graduate from Sung Siew Secondary School, Sandakan.

Obama's step father was an Indonesian Muslim but his mother remains a Christian to this day. To Malaysians it is indeed very strange that a Muslim man can marry a Christian woman without she being converted to Islam but in Indonesia it is very common.

It is the other way, i.e. a Muslim woman marrying a Christain man, that is forbidden. It shows the respect that Islam has over Christianity and other religions of the book.

As it turned out, Sandakan is an extreme example of the effects of the Colonisation of Sabah by Malaya and the destruction of its environment making life so difficult for my family still there.

The beaches at Sandakan bay, with its unique walkable and strange island, Batu Sapi, the name of the area where my original family settled, used to be the most beautiful in the world. Despite the calm sea due to the protection of the Sandakan bay, it managed to form a beach, due to the dry coastline as a result of the hills nearby.

It was so rich with marine life that making a living was easy but all were gone, to be replaced by jobs in mills at salaries of only 20% of the poverty level, with the zoning of the entire beach into an industrial zone with earth fillings. Now, villages that used to be on beaches, became a septic tank where faeces are kept among the villages, because their surrounding areas are filled with with earth with only small drains provided, that are easily clogged. You can see the effects to a smaller extent in areas around Kota Kinabalu.

If Barrack Obama were to be elected to the US Presidency, hopefully, he could pressure Kuala Lumpur to develop Sandakan that is dangerously becoming a ghost town. Despite a profitable Oil Palm Industry, where Sandakan is a major producer in the whole of Malaysia, very little of the profits had gone to the citizens of Sandakan, only the ills of the Oil Palms, the poorly paid Oil Palm workers, who are paid below poverty levels.

Despite the huge demands of the Oil Palm industry, there is little investment in the infrastructures as shown by the lack of budget given to Sabah. 8% for a population of 13% and area of 23%. What is touted as a major revision is only 1 billion, i.e 1% of the whole national budget before it was revised. All other regions also demand more budget, so the contribution of the budget for Sabah is nothing to be proud of, given the immense needs of Sabah, due to the large population and area, as well as the inflationary pressures due to discriminatory trade rules against Sabah.

What makes it worse is that, there is NO effort at all to aleviate poverty. The Sabahans are easily fooled by false promises. None of my family who are living in shit, i.e. among faeces in their villages, are given any aid, despite having income levels that are way below the accepted poverty level. They applied but were rejected.

The simple reason that is stupidly misunderstoond by Sabahans is that, the promise by Malaya is only to aleviate hard core poverty, i.e. people who are starving. Making it worse, it is only applicable to people who are sick to the extent of not being able to work. Despite my relatives suffering from gastric, acute asthma and gaut, making them less fit for heavy work, they are still denied any help at all.

It meant that the mother of Dani, a primary school student who committed suicide because he cannot stomach his family's povety, will be repeated many many times. Dani's family is not entitled to the hardcore poverty despite eating only rice with boiled Kang Kong vegetable because his mother can still work as a cloth washer despite suffering from heart problems. Despite having no husband to support while having a few children, apart from Dani, she was given only RM60 per month by a welfare body. I don't think it was the Federal Government body, i.e the Malaysian government. It was most probably the State Government Body. The poverty level for Sabah in 2007 was RM820 according to a UMS lecturer.

Obama can help explain US policies on welfare but Sabahans should note that Obama is against excessive oil subsidy as shown by his campaign against Hilary Clinton. Instead of subsidising the price of oil, he favoured the money be used to give more welfare directly to the poor, which is the basis of all economies of the developed nations. Less subsidies but higher salaries which are due to higher welfares. Why work at low salaries if you can get welfare?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sulu want to colonise Sabah

The money from Sabah is for the development of Sulu, not Sabah?

Sabahans are already among the poorest in Malaysia, what more to give
to Sulu. How about those Tausugs in Tawi-tawi, Kagayan and Basilan?

The lease agreement is only for half of Sabah, not the whole of Sabah.
Where got all the oil money?

I got the link from wikipedia:

"The Sultan of Sulu and Sultan of Sabah HM Sultan Muhammad Fuad A.
Kiram I stated that if Malaysia wants to stay in Sabah lawfully, then
Malaysia must pay the correct and proper amount of rent per year. If
the rental payment is not acceptable, he proposes "Joint
Administration" between the Sultan of Sulu and Sultan of Sabah and
Malaysia and/or the Royal Sultans of Malaysia headed by the Sultan
Agong (King of Malaysia), to administer Sabah, and all incomes are
split co-equally, similar to the joint administration or "Condominium
of France and Great Britain in Vanuatu" prior to Vanuatu's

Income to be derived from Sabah will be used to develop Sulu to uplift
the welfare of the Sulu people such as roads, hospitals, medicines,
education, peace and order, etc. The payment of correct rent by
Malaysia to the Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah and/or the Joint
Administration of Sabah will be the solution to the Sabah issue. "

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Private Investigator Balasubramaniam accused the POLICE

Mainstream newspapers appear to make it appear as though the sworn
statement is to convict Najib. This is extremely far from the truth.
It is a complete lie.

He never accused anybody. He simply repeat what others had told him
but these statements were not even recorded officially or even
mentioned in the trial.

Both the Police and Public Prosecutor were implicated in the sworn

Now the police is asked to investigate whether the statements were
true or not.

This is just ridiculous. How can you ask the suspect himself to
investigate its wrong doing. Of course the Police will deny it.

It is so easy to confirm whether the statutary declarations were false
or not. Just put Balasubramaniam in court.

This fact is so clear that his life and that of his family is in
danger. The accused, i.e. the Police has lots to gain by making him
disappear or even better dead.

By making the second statutory declaration that he lied in the first
sworn statement, it no longer matters if he were dead or missing.
There is no sure way to confirm completely whether he lied or not,
even though common sense will tell you that the second statement just
a day after making the first one, was made under duress.

To imply that Anwar threatened Balasubramaniam for retracting his
statement is just stupid but this is what is believed by many readers
of Malaysian mainstream news agencies. Anwar does not gain anything at
all because he was not accused. Also, he is not powerful or well

If Balasubramaniam were dead, Anwar will not immediately become the
Prime Minister. However the Police, as the accused party in the first
original statement, will gain a lot.

It is the Police that is the most dangerous party here. They are well
armed and well equipped. The Police also has the most to gain by him
being dead.

As for accusations against Najib, there is none at all. He also
revealed that he has information from witnesses that he had heard that
Najib knew the murdered victim, Altantuya well.

As I had mentioned the previous posts in sabahcolonised blogspot, the
deaths of the Chief Minsters of Sabah were not investigated properly.
What happened in the past, is clearly shown in this case. The
availability of explosives and the willingness to use them, shows the
link to the number of deaths of prominent politicians, including Tan
Sri Johari.

04-07-2008: Razak?s private investigator says cops suppressed key
information (updated)
by Pauline Puah 05:25PM (04-07-2008)

PETALING JAYA: A private investigator hired by murder accused Abdul
Razak Baginda has made a startling claim that the police covered up
information he gave them that would have linked Deputy Prime Minister
Datuk Seri Najib Razak to the murder victim Altantuya Shaariibuu.

P Balasubramaniam, a former Special Branch policeman, said in a
statutory declaration, that he was told of this by both Abdul Razak
and Altantuya.

Abdul Razak had told him that he met Altantuya through Najib and that
the two had an intimate relationship, he said.

He said that Abdul Razak also confided in him that the Mongolian
woman, victim of a gruesome killing, had demanded US$500,000 (RM1.65
million) as part of her share of a submarine deal.

From left: Gombak MP Mohamed Azmin Ali, Balasubramaniam, his lawyer
Americk Singh Sidhu and Anwar at the press conference at the PKR HQ in
Tropicana Damansara.
Balasubramaniam also said Altantuya had told him among other things
that she met Abdul Razak in Singapore with Najib and that she had also
met Abdul Razak and Najib at a dinner in Paris.

He said he told the police everything when he was arrested for seven
consecutive days and asked to give a statement in late 2006.

However, when his statement was finally recorded, the information
regarding the relationship between the DPM and Altantuya was left out
by the police.

Balasubramaniam also said when he gave evidence in the trial in Shah
Alam High Court, the prosecutor did not ask him any questions in
respect of Altantuya?s relationship with Najib and the phone call he
received from DSP Musa Safri, who is Najib?s aide-de-camp (ADC).

Musa Safri, according to Balasubramaniam, called him when two
Mongolian girls, a Mr Ang and another Mongolian girl called Amy turned
up at Abdul Razak Baginda?s house enquiring the whereabouts of

?I received a call on my handphone from Musa Safri and duly handed the
phone to a Dang Wangi (police) inspector. The conversation lasted
three-four minutes after which he (the inspector) told the girls to
disperse and to go to see him the next day,? he said.

Abdul Razak was charged with abetting Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and
Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar in the murder of Altantuya, 28. All three
face the death penalty if convicted.

Abdul Razak is a close adviser to Najib while Azilah and Sirul were
members of the DPM?s security team.

Balasubramaniam also said that when he was with Abdul Razak at the
latter?s lawyer?s office the morning Abdul Razak was arrested, he was
shown an SMS, allegedly from Najib, telling the former to stay cool as
he was meeting the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan to
resolve the matter.

?Shortly thereafter at about 7.30am, Abdul Razak received an sms from
Najib and showed the message to both myself and his lawyer. This
message read as follows: I am seeing IGP at 11am today? matter will be
solved? be cool.?

Najib had previously denied knowing Altantuya. On Tuesday, Najib?s
wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor also said she was innocent of her
alleged involvement in Altantuya?s case.

Recently, Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin in a statutory
declaration had alleged that Rosmah was one of the three people
present when the body of Altantuya was blown up with explosives on Oct
19, 2006.

Balasubramaniam spoke and released his 16-page statutory declaration
at a press conference organised by the de facto Opposition leader
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who himself is under police investigation
after a former party worker had alleged he was sodomised by Anwar.

Anwar, who has accused Najib of being behind the sodomy accusation,
has demanded an investigation into the alleged attempt by the police
to suppress information about the relationship between the DPM and

Bala was at the press conference with his counsel Americk Sidhu. When
asked why he signed the statement when no one forced him to do so,
bala said he was desperate to leave the lock-up.

Below are excerpts of the Q&A:

Q: Bala, why did you take so long to come out ?
Americk: I represent him and I have instruction from him (to answer
The reason is very simple. Bala was waiting for the prosecution to
lead the evidence but the prosecution case was just shut very
recently. That?s the reason why he was so surprised (the information
he gave was not produced in court) and this was part of the reasons he
came out with the sworn statement.

Q: Why did he sign the police statement if things were omitted?
Americk: Bala said he was in the lock-up for seven consecutive days.
All he wanted to do was to go home. So instead of arguing with the
police what should be in the statement or not, he was happy to sign
the statement and leave.

Q: Was he forced to sign the statement?
Bala and Americk shook their heads.

Q: It was an important statement and you were not forced to sign it.
Yet you went ahead to sign because you want to go home?
Bala: In the lock-up, I did not have good vegetarian food. That?s why
(after seven days) when they brought the statement (and) asked me to
sign, I just (went) through it... if you have experience inside (a)
lock-up, definitely you will sign the statement... because you (want)
to go out, because I have three children. For what reason they put me
in the lock-up? There?s no reason for me to be arrested under 302 (of
the Penal Code for murder).

In the first place, I should not be in the lock-up (because) they can
call me (anytime) to take (my) statement. Even (then Deputy Public
Prosecutor) Sallehuddin (Saidin) did that, he took 73 pages of
statement. But he is (no longer) the DPP. He was removed, why?

Q: When Sallehuddin was in charge, did he record what you have said?
Bala: I think so.

Q: How do you know for sure that the sms was from Najib?
Bala: I was just sitting beside Razak when we met in the lawyer?s
office. He told me that he had sent a sms to Najib but then he never
received a reply. But when we?re sitting together, he received the
sms. That?s when he showed to me the sms and to the lawyer.

Q: Did you confirm the information (about Najib) that you got from
Razak and Altantuya?
Americk: If you don?t mind, I want to answer on behalf of Bala. This
is something we wanted to emphasise from the beginning, that what Bala
had said in his statutory declaration is not a statement of the truth.
It is a statement of what was said to him by Razak Baginda and

So, he is not saying what he heard is absolute gospel truth. You must
distinguish between these two. So, I think it?s difficult for Bala to
answer your question (as) he just took down what was told to him.
Whether it?s true or not, that is another matter, he doesn?t know.

Q: Bala, were you informed when Najib met Altantuya in Singapore?
Bala: I am not very sure (but) it was at a diamond exhibition in

Q: How do you know that they met?
Americk: Again like I said we don?t know for sure. This was just what
was told to him. So we can?t answer you whether it?s a truth or not.

Q: You plan to submit the declaration to the court, or what is your
Americk: I think this pc (press conference) today is to bring to light
that there is this evidence available.


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