Sunday, November 25, 2007

The constitution guarantees the right of assembly

Any legistation that disallows these rights, violate the constitution.

The police must issue the permit if the assembly or gathering is
peaceful, and the police cannot make a presumption that any assembly
is not peaceful because it will be against the right of assembly.

The police can only have the right not to issue a permit, if the
intention is clearly not peaceful. If the intention is peaceful, and
the police refuses to give any permit, the police has violated the

I've got the feeling that the police acted on people who gather in
large numbers although they are peaceful. By acting violently against
peaceful demonstrators, it made an appearance of force and violence,
to the point of hurting children and women. How can children and women
be violent? They don't have the strength to be violent.

Videos must be taken of all these processions and taken to court in
order to challenge the actions of the police. Malaysian civil servants
had little respect for the law and this is very disturbing. And they
are allowed to break the laws at will because they were not challenged
in courts, and courts took too long to make decisions, as long as 10

Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad
Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains,
next to civilizations with no natural or man-made disasters,
except Malaysia. But how long will it last?
Disclaimer: I only speak for myself.

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