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Re: Talk is Cheap...

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> Talk is Cheap...
> By Me... Only Better(Me... Only Better)
> In 1999, income in rural homes was 55% that of urban homes with the
> highest poverty in mostly Bumiputera majority states such as Kelantan,
> Terengganu, Kedah, Perlis, Sabah and Sarawak. Of course there has been
> some development in the ...
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> Wednesday, May 21, 2008
> Talk is Cheap...
> Don't forget 1997 and someone almost selling us out to IMF.... The five states

How could he sell Malaysia to IMF when he was just a deputy PM?


> have not even performed yet and he is already consumed by his ambitions. Wasn't

What ambitions? To be the PM?

Anwar was sacked from UMNO without even being given the chance to
defend himself.

At least he is doing what Islam commands us to do. Fight for justice
to the last drop of our blood. Anyone who refuses to do this, like
Sabahans, will be condemned by Allah in this world and hereafter.

Look at Sabahans. The poorest in the WHOLE WORLD, and yet refused to
fight for their rights. Despite all the Petroleum wealth, Sabah is
only given an allocation of 8% for a population of 13%, and yet
SAbahans NEVER FIGHT FOR IT to the death. This is certainly DAYUS.

As a result Palestine is much richer than many parts of Sabah with a
much lower poverty level, despite being killed in large numbers by the
might of Israel and USA, and their buildings destroyed.

> he part of Umno before? Lest we forget. Hope the arsenic really "killed" that

Forget what? That Anwar was no longer with UMNO from 1996 onwards?

When Anwar was still with UMNO, the situation in Sabah was not that
bad. But in just 12 years, without Anwar, Sabah has become the poorest
in the WHOLE WORLD, not just in Malaysia, and there is no news of
increased budget allocation in order to address the acute poverty in
Sabah, still the discriminatory budget allocations for Sabah.

And look at the statistics. In Anwar's absense, the economic
statistics had dropped drastically. The worst is the gap between the
rich and poor. It became so bad that Malaysia is equivalent to the Sub
Sahara nations, and 2nd last in Asia. And you still want to blame

I've checked all Anwar's figures. Most had been verified except the
total investment, which indicates local investment and number of legal

GINI and income gap data can be found at wikipedia.

FDI, foreign direct investment from UN.

> virus off...dunno about the ZOG virus...that one have to wait and see to our

You are part of the virus that robs the poor to give to the rich.
One thing is sure. Anwar is not part of the virus.

Malaysia has never seen such a gross imbalance between the rich and
poor since the day Anwar was imprisoned. I'm also ashamed of myself
for not studying these economic data more carefully.

What makes it so bad, is that Sabah has also been turned from among
the richest to the poorest in the whole world, despite all the oil
palm and petroleum resources.

What makes it worse is that the nations helped by IMF, such as South
Korea and Indonesia had performed so much better than Malaysia.

> peril...

Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad


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