Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pairin deemed to have resigned in 1984!!!

Daily express Sabah, 5th February 2009:

Although Pairin didn't challenge the resignations of Lajim, he
resigned out of his own free will showing that he was just a weak
leader or easily bought over.

Pairin himself suffered the same fate in 1984 when he was deemed to
have resigned. The EC immediately dissolved the state assembly seat
and when Pairin brought his case to court, he lost his case, i.e. the
court decided that Pairin was to have deemed to have resigned. The EC
is now proven to be extremely unfair.

""I said, 'Okay, I resign.' I took my papers and walked out and as I
left the hall, the delegates from Tambunan walked out with me." Public
spates followed and finally, Berjaya submitted an undated resignation
letter all its assemblymen had to sign, and vacated Pairin's Tambunan
state seat, forcing a by-election.

Berjaya was all-powerful, having won almost 90 per cent of the 48
state seats in the 1981 state elections, and it was unthinkable for
anyone to even consider winning as an independent against it.

But on Dec 30, 1984, the people of Tambunan rallied around their son
and he soundly defeated his nephew Roger Ongkili to win the Tambunan
seat as an independent.

Unable to deal with defeat, Harris punished the people of Tambunan. He
abrogated its district status, forcing people who had government
business to go to Keningau, more than an hour away on unpaved, pebbled
bad roads. "

"Facing a spate of defections after winning the state's third election
in eight years in 1994, Pairin had used the letters in an attempt to
force by-elections by saying that the three had quit their seats.

Although Lajim, Rubin and Zaini subsequently lodged police reports to
challenge the validity of their "resignations", it remains untested in
court. For, by then, more defections from PBS had rendered the
question academic and the trio did not pursue it in court after BN
formed the state government.

Pairin's attempt to dissolve the state assembly also failed after
former Sabah Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Mohamad Said Keruak refused to
give his consent.

After failing to hang on to his assemblymen and state, Pairin became
the state's shortest-term chief minister, tendering his own
resignation less than one month after he was sworn in. "

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