Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vote for Yong Teck Lee

He is the only leader intelligent enough not to be fooled by greedy
West Malaysians and brave enough to say it aloud. Thank you Daily
Express for reporting his comments.

This is the sort of leader that we need. No matter how corrupt he may
appear or made to appear, these losses are nothing compared to the
losses due to the irresponsible and greedy theft of Sabahan resources.
Sabahan should wake up and don't pretend that everything is alright.
Sabah is already the worst in all areas of development, physical and
human. Sabah cannot even beat Darfur of Sudan,let alone Bangladesh.

No effort at all to eradicate poverty, instead, Sabah is made even
poorer by stealing our electricity, gas and environment, despite
having frequent power cuts and poor communications. All for what? Just
to enrich the already rich West Malaysians even more, disregarding all
economic principles. Piping gas from Sabah to Bintulu at a cost of RM
2500 billion and piping Bakun dam in Bintulu area to West Malaysia for

In return, instead of using gas from Sabah, Sabah has to buy COAL from
Indonesia, to power a power plant that cost RM2500 million just to
produce 300 Mega Watt of electricity, hardly sufficient for current
Sabah needs, let alone the future.

Electricity from Bakun will cost less than RM2500 million, much less
than the single coal power plant while improving Sabahan power grid
system at the same time and much more power capacity than the 300

Piping the Bakun electricity to West Malaysian will only improve the
grid system for the fishes while causing environmental and safety
hazards in the South China Sea.


'Sabah should take back SESB'
Published on: Tuesday, January 05, 2010
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SABAH should take back Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. (SESB) since it has
failed to improve power supply in the State after its privatisation.

"Like Air Asia which was sold by the Government to the private sector
for one Ringgit, we ask that TNB shares in SESB be given back to Sabah
for one Ringgit as well," Yong said.

"Sabah has nothing to lose except the bosses from Kuala Lumpur," he
said, adding energy supply could be better managed by Sabah as the
State had the ability to do so.

He said the Sabah Electric Board (SEB) was handed over to Kuala Lumpur
by the Berjaya Government due to insufficient funds but still no
improvement was seen.

Following that, he said, SEB was privatised in 1998 and renamed SESB
when taken over by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

"Twenty years after being given to Federal, Sabah's electricity
problems remain. The Berjaya Government handed over SEB to Kuala
Lumpur hoping the problem could be addressed but not so.

"Then TNB came in 11 years ago promising to overcome it but until
today, the problem remains," he said at the formation of SAPP Kampung
Kibabaig branch and receiving new members led by Florian Chong at the
residence of Jolis Podi, at Kampung Kibabaig, near here.

Yong who is a former Chief Minister said Sabah has the ability to
manage its energy supply just like Sarawak .

Sarawak run its own electricity supply via Sesco and never faced any
problems, he said, adding SAPP has a task force studying the mechanism
to take back SESB.

He said it is sheer arrogance for the Barisan Nasional (BN) Government
to pipe Sabah's natural gas to Bintulu LNG Plant 500km away at a cost
of billions Ringgit, but not allowed Sabah to use that gas for power
generation in the State.

"We are forced to buy Indonesian coal for a coal power plant from
China .

To add insult to injury, the coal power plant is targeted to be
located in the Tungku Lahad Datu Felda - which was state land given to
Felda supposed to be for local settlers but end up mostly as Felda
corporate land," he said.

He said the Bintulu LNG plant is capable of producing 25 Million ton
per annum (MTA) which is the biggest plant in the whole world.

The plant is now being expanded to take in more gas to be converted
into LNG to be sold to Japan and China at massive profits of billions
of ringgit to Petronas, he claimed.

He said on Dec 22 last year, the Senate was told by the Federal Deputy
Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water that it is too
expensive to transmit power supply from Bakun near Bintulu to Sabah.

Yong said the Deputy Minister's reasons were because of the terrain.

"Ironically, why is it possible to pipe our gas to Bintulu? Why was
the same terrain of mountains, rivers and valleys not a problem when
it comes to pipe our gas to Bintulu? It is the same geography, same
terrain, same mountains, the same rivers, the same jungles, the same
that carries our gas away to Bintulu that cannot also take electric
power from Bakun to Sabah ," he said.

He said TNB was reported planning to transmit the same power supply
from the same Bakun dam to peninsula Malaysia, across 700km of the
South China Sea.

"Even a Form Three geography student knows...but our leaders do not
know," he said, adding he was angry not because Kuala Lumpur is
cheating Sabah, but Sabah leaders in the Federal and State Governments
are not defending Sabahans.

As result, he said Sabahans pay more for electricity, forced to take a
dirty polluting coal power plant, and still suffer power breakdowns.

"All these must change. We shall no longer keep quiet," he added.

He said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during his visit
here in November last year had told Sabahans to compromise and accepts
the coal power plant.

"My answer is how can the PM ask the poorest state to compromise,"
Yong said.

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