Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fwd: More reasons why Sabah is the poorest in the world

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Subject: More reasons why Sabah is the poorest in the world
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Despite surrendering all the revenues that Sabah get to the Federal
government, there is still virtually none allocated for Sabah as shown
by the Fishery department and now Khazanah Malaysia.

This has been going on for years even now. Mara didn't spend any money
for Sabah as well as other Malaysian government bodies, presumably
they never Consider Sabah as Malaysia. These bodies include the
Ministry of Education that is supposed to be the brightest in

And yet these Malaysians, complain that it is the State Govenments who
didn't do its duty.

With virtually no revenue and now operating at 50% deficit budget with
a total that hardly increased since the PBS government in 1994,(RM2
billion), nothing much should be expected from Sabah's state
government and yet all blames are put to the State government as being
incompetent, so more excuses to take away Sabah's revenue.

The latest is the gas and coal revenue. Soon it will the tourism for
Sabah when Sulu sea become so polluted with acid rain and poisonous
effluents from the coal power plant.

SAbah, that is already the poorest, will be even poorer. Sabah will be
hell on earth from what used to be Heaven on earth, as Sabah used to
be the richest in the whole world.

'Why are Sabah schools not in trust project?'

By Dominic Legeh

KOTA KINABALU: A Sabah Barisan Nasional MP has asked the Education
Ministry to explain why Sabah has been left out of the 'Trust School'
pioneer project.

Ranau MP Siringan Gubat posed the question in Dewan Rakyat recently
after it was revealed that 10 schools in Johor and Sarawak had been
picked to take part in the project.

Second Deputy Education Minister Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi was responding
to a question from Parit Sulong MP Noraini Ahmad on the implementation
of 'trust schools' when Siringan raised the question.

The pioneer project is part of a government plan to transform
education in the country through collaboration with private sector.

The project is being implemented through Khazanah Malaysia Berhad.

The on-going programme at the 10 schools will be used as a benchmark
for nationwide implementation in future.

Siringan queried if Sabah schools had been sidelined because they were
not qualified to take part in the pioneer project.

Mohd Puad replied that any school could be selected for the programme
including the Chinese and Tamil national-type schools.

He cited as an example a Tamil national-type school that was picked
for the project.

Sabah, he explained, had been left out because Khazanah Malaysia
Berhad was more focused in Sarawak and Johor and had decided to only
pick schools in both states.

Mohd Puad assured Siringan that Sabah schools would not be left out of
the project and that his ministry would look into the matters raised
by the Ranau MP.

The 'trust school' programme is geared towards providing quality
education in schools at every level, he said.

'Trust schools', he said, are not elitist and selection for the
programme is based on several criteria irrespective of performance and

The selection he said was dependent on the approval and commitment of
the school administration, parents and the local community.

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