Saturday, February 19, 2011

Melaka get NGV Train while Sabah export NGV but no NGV Train

Melaka is to spend RM272 million for NGV Train while Sabah had to
spend 2.5Billion RM to supply this train with NGV, while having NO NGV
at all for Sabah.

The train in Sabah, after spending RM200 million, will use diesel
fuel, which has to be imported.

Melaka Tram to open to public in May 2012

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AYER KEROH -- Train maker, Mrails International Sdn Bhd expects its
RM272 million Melaka Tram, the first natural gas vehicle (NGV) powered
tram in the world, to open to the public in May next year.

Its president and managing director, Datuk Jeya Kumar said, the
implementation and application of the environmentally friendly "Next
Generation Tram" will revolutionise the locomotive industry.

"We will be using this technology to add convenience to culture and
enhance heritage without affecting the environment in compliance with
Melaka's status as a Unesco World Heritage Site," he told a media
briefing here today.

Kumar said the tram would scrap the traditional "pantograph" system in
keeping with the times and also in line with United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change to combat global warming.

"This also represents our vision to take part in Melaka's growth as an
ultimate destination centre for tourism, and marks our commitment to
creating sustainable transport systems," he added.

The ground breaking ceremony was performed by Prime Minister Datuk
Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak.

Also present was Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam and
Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said.

Melaka Tram was made official via an agreement between the Chief
Minister Incorporation (CMI) and Mrails in March last year.

Under the agreement, the company has agreed to design, construct and
finance, manage, maintain and supervise the road tramway and tramcar
operations for 25 years, while the financing of the project worth
RM272 million is borne by Mrails as well.

The company has also been charged with managing ticket collections for
25 years, with CMI taking 20 per cent in terms of ticket collection
and the balance by Mrails, Kumar said.

He highlighted that the Melaka Tram Corridor would begin from its
depot adjacent to the Ayer Keroh Toll Plaza heading to the heritage
town of Melaka with a distance of 40 kilometres covering 11 of
fourteen major tourist spots.

"We will work hand-in-hand with our partners, CNR Tangshan Railway
Vehicles Co Ltd, a Chinese-based locomotive manufacturer," he said.

The tram is a rail borne vehicle, lighter than a train and differs
from other forms of locomotion, as the tracks are embedded in the

It is able to accommodate 120 passengers at one time, caters to the
disabled because its ground-level design and will operate at speeds of
40 km/h.

Kumar said Mrails, which is expecting at least a 40,000 ridership
daily, would make commuting affordable, with a fare charge of RM2.

It is free for the disabled and students.

Moving forward, the company intends to export its train to other
cities in the country as well as overseas, namely to India and Africa
next year, he said. -- BERNAMA

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