Saturday, July 2, 2011

Afer cutting off Sabah's Limbs, Sabah is blamed for being Lazy, and Musa agrees

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Date: Jul 2, 11:20 pm
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> Paul Saccani has made a comment about the current state of affairs in
> Sabah which appear to be valid but actually nonsense. BAsed on real
> case stories in SAbah, Nigeria and even Indonesia before REformasi. It

> And yet the victims are condemned as stupid and lazy. But for the
> Sabah case, we have cases to fall back to of incidences before the
> THEFT and after the THEFT.

Also it is well known that GDP is affected by government expenditures.
The GDP in Sabah must have been severly affected by the lack of
government expenditures in the past that its GDP has dropped so low.
Now the low GDP is used as a guide in allocating fund to SAbah which
is grossly unfair. After stealing from Sabah, making it the POOREST IN
THE WORLD, money is allocated only based on its GDP so called alleged
Just like cutting off your limbs and blame you for not producing your
share of work after you have lost all your limbs.

The statements that Sabahan is stupid and lazy is well know to be made
by idiotic West Malaysians, who is so proud of their idiocy like one
minister who does not even know that Sandakan district is bigger than
the state of Pahang.

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