Saturday, February 2, 2013

Unethical AIRASIA destroying SABAH

By not providing direct flights from Kota Kinabalu to Seoul, while both Korean Air and Asiana direct flights are always full, AIRASIA is destryoying Sabah's tourism industry. Tourism industry is the only industry left where the benefits go to Sabahans. Timber, oil palm and petroleum industries mostly benefit West Malaysians.

The solution is very simple. Just return the landing rights to Tokyo and Seoul to Malaysia Airlines. By not doing anything about it, when it was the BN government's decision to transfer the landing rights from MAS to AIRASIA, BN is responsible for more destruction of Sabah and MAS.

By destroying both Sabah and MAS, BN is destroying the nation as well. Lies about MAS losing in these flights are more proofs about BN lack of concern about Sabah. Direct flight to Tokyo was almost full even just a few months after the radiation scare. The direct flight to Hong Kong that I also took recently was also almost full. MAS staff cannot get standby seats on flights to Korea.

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