Sunday, May 26, 2013

Errors about Tawau

 There are so many errors about Tawau in this article which explains the sorry state of development for Sabah on the whole.

Tawau was not upgraded to a district. It was downgraded from a Residency under the British before Malaysia. Under the British, Tawau was equivalent to Perak or Pahang.

Even under Malaysia, upgrading to a district is nothing much. Tawau was a town even under the British. It should have been upgraded to a city already. It is an insult to say that Tawau was downgraded to a district in the 80s.

In fact, Tawau had been the third largest town in Sabah, behind Sandakan. Recently, the population in Tawau has matched up with Sandakan but built-up area is still much less compared to Sandakan. Sandakan is built-up to more than 10 miles now, with daily traffic jams.

To west malaysian, Tawau appear bigger because of the towns. Tawau town is bigger because of the closeness of the suburban areas to the city centre. In city area size, Tawau is even bigger than Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan are limited by the hills at their backs.

What Tawau lacks is the number of high class hotels. Kota Kinabalu has the most followed by Sandakan. Tawau needs  4 star hotels. Kota Kinabalu was well developed when the State Government invested in the Hyatt Hotel followed by Tanjung Aru Shangrila Hotel.
Tawau set to benefit from Palmex
Published on: Sunday, May 26, 2013
Labuan: Tawau is set to benefit from the Palmex International Exhibition and Conference 2013 (Palmex Malaysia 2013), which it will host from June 11-13.
The event, touted as Malaysia's biggest palm oil exhibition, has succeeded in attracting 100 exhibitors.
Sabah's second largest town, Tawau, has never hosted any international event since its elevation into a district in the 80s, due to assumptions of logistics and geographical factors.
"Tawau has been the State's main palm oil producer for decades, with thousands of acres planted with oil palm.
"It has the potential to be on par with other developing districts, but needs continuous support from both the government and business community.
"It is a matter of pride that the district has been chosen as the preferred venue for an international event," Fireworks Asia Sdn Bhd Managing Director, Jerel Soo said.
The company is the organiser of the Palmex Malaysia 2013.
He said the international exhibition will drive Tawau to be known regionally, giving a boost to its business activities and economic development.
"Palmex Malaysia 2013 is expected to create a platform for both upstream and downstream palm oil companies to explore wider business opportunities.
"It will bring about 5,000 industry professionals to visit the strategic, operational and technological aspects of Sabah's oil palm industry, which is Malaysia's biggest, and that of Asean as a whole," he added.
Palmex Malaysia 2013 is endorsed by the Sabah State Government, the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) and the Association of Small Medium Enterprises Singapore.
Among the participants are those from Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, China and the United Kingdom.
The exhibition will feature the latest heavy machinery and technology being used in the downstream and upstream activities of the oil palm sector.

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