Monday, April 13, 2015

Dr. Puyok's View About Malaya Existed Since 1963, making Sabah Poorest

This view had existed since 1963, but it has brought only poverty to Sabah, from the richest in Malaysia to the poorest, and still the poorest to this day. May have improved from 24% to 8% using crooked  methods, but using the same measure, Sabah is still the poorest, a long way after Perlis.

This is the undeniable fact.

The definition of colonisation is very clear, the interest is only in exploiting resources from Sabah, but not its development. This policy is clearly stated by Malayan pilicy makers, and still proceeded, unchallenged by people like this Dr. Puyuk.

The solution is very simple. Respect the Malaysia Agreement. If you don't know what it is, refer to DorisYapp of SSKM.

 Another very clear proof is that Sabah has never been considered as Malaysia, to this day. And I don't talk to uneducated Malayans. All graduates, even with PhD. One, my boss, with a Sabahan wife, even mentioned Sabah as not Malaysia.

Even openly and publicly. 31st of August has nothing to do with Malaysia and Sabah. Only Malaya. If any idiot still thinks that Sabah got its independence on the 31st, better read the real declaration of Malaysia, and see the pictures of the Governor at Jesselton point.

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