Monday, June 13, 2016

Emergency Rule was used to violate Malaysia Agreement to Rob Sabah

After the death of Tun Fuad, Malaysia Agreement was violated in the open by the imposition of the Emergency Rule which can be disputed. How can an emergency be used to violate an International Agreement? Now that the forever emergency rule was officially lifted, all these amendments to the constitution should be invalidated.

Sabah NGO wants Double Six air crash report made public

 | June 7, 2016
Perpaduan Anak Negeri Sabah (PAN Sabah) sees no closure on the Stephens air crash as long as the investigation report is kept under wraps and the people of Sabah and the families of the victims are denied the truth.
Perpaduan Anak Negeri Sabah (PAN Sabah)
KOTA KINABALU: Perpaduan Anak Negeri Sabah (PAN Sabah), an Orang Asal NGO, has urged the Sabah Government to demand that the Federal Government make public the classified report on the 40-year-old crash, Double Six or 66, which took the lives of then Sabah Chief Minister Fuad Stephens and his Cabinet on 6 June 1976.
PAN, in the same statement, also said that it’s still waiting for the Sabah Government to take a stand on the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) just as the Sarawak Government has done. “We commend the Sarawak Government for its declared commitment to seek for the restoration of MA63,” said Esther Golingi who signed the statement on behalf of PAN Sabah in conjunction with the Double Six anniversary day.
“Our sovereignty and wealth must be restored.”
The NGO cannot understand why the investigation report on the air crash was still classified 40 years after 6 June 1976. Stephens and the others with him perished in the air crash just as they were about to land in Kota Kinabalu after a short hop from Labuan. “The people of Sabah and the families of the victims have the right to know why the crash happened,” said Golingi. “We need to bring closure to this tragedy.”
The NGO sees no closure on Double Six as long as the investigation report was kept under wraps and the people of Sabah and the families of the victims are denied the truth.
PAN Sabah, in recalling the events since 1976, said the state has been on a downward spiral ever since Stephens and several top leaders perished in the “mysterious” air crash.
The statement went on to cite various instances of the worst to come for Sabah.
Firstly, just eight days after the crash, the new Chief Minister signed the Oil Agreement with Petronas, agreeing to accept only 5 per cent cash payment per annum, and waiving oil royalties due under Section 24 of the Sabah Land Ordinance.
Secondly, the Federal Parliament amended Article 1(1) of the Federal Constitution on 13 July 1976 and downgraded Sabah and Sarawak from their status as equal nations with Malaya to being the 12th and 13th states in the Malayan Federation, now known as Malaysia.
Thirdly, the status of the Sabah Governor as Head of Nation (Yang Di Pertua Negara) was downgraded by the Sabah Assembly on 16 August 1976, in violation of the 20 Points, to Yang Di Pertua Negeri (head of a constituent state).
“Since the lifting of the state of emergency on 24 November 2011, three Acts have ceased to have effect and the oil and gas resources of Sabah and Sarawak return to the Governments of the two Borneo nations,” said Golingi. “The Federal Government and Petronas no longer have any rights in our territorial waters.”
“The North Borneo (Alteration of Boundaries) Order in Council 1954 reverts back to Sabah. The ownership of the territorial waters extend to 180 km as provided for under the 1954 Order in Council.”
She referred to the three Acts as the Territorial Sea Act 2012, the Continental Shelf Act 1966, and the Petroleum Mining Act 1966.

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