Friday, February 22, 2008

Fwd: The Complete Annihilation of USNO

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Date: Feb 22, 6:58 pm
Subject: The Complete Annihilation of USNO
To: soc.culture.malaysia

UMNO in Sabah was initially formed by former USNO members led by Tun
Mustapha, a suluk-bajau leader.

Since USNO was deregistered, these former leaders formed USBO (Bajau-
Suluk association) and later kelab USNO.

In this election, none of them had been nominated by UMNO. Many of
them are still at their prime in their 50s, and highly educated, to be
replaced by candidates in their 60s and virtually uneducated.

Even worse, an outsider is nominated to represent UMNO, for example
the candidate replacing Datuk Salleh, a former Chief Minister of
Sabah, is from

These places, Kota Belud and Sekong, Bajau dominated constituencies
are famous for their loyalty to candidates who give out the most

What are left are former Berjaya leaders that were virtually wiped out
during the 1980s elections.

During my high school, I used to believe in the charges against USNO
and its leaders, especially Tun Mustapha, but it was due to our
loyalty to family members who had formed Berjaya, but they were all
killed in the complete destruction of a Norman Islander, a short-
takeoff propeller plane.

They were replaced by puppets such as Harris Salleh that had
surrendered Sabah's oil rights and witnessed by Pairin himself.

Now I realise that all these are false propaganda. The expenditures
were important for Sabah, and not corruption. Whatever that they get,
are all legal and proper and important for the development of Sabah,
such as the Boeing 707 state jet. Many Sabahans benefit from them,
such as free Haj pilgrimages and convenient travel for many State
functions that were participated by Sabahans such as Boy Scouts. Every
Sabahan even manage to get a few hundered ringgit every year of the
Sabah Foundation profits. Remember that those were in the 1980s when
the value of RM was still much higher than nowadays.

I've a friend who is a very strong supporter of USNO. I used to treat
his compliments of USNO as exaggerations but now I sincerely aplogise
to him. I had been a fool all these years. USNO was the best for Sabah
and the spirit of USNO and therefore the future of Sabah will die in
this election.

Sabah is already the poorest in the whole world. No good news for
Sabah apart from more thefts of Sabah's land and resources. My advice
for Sabahans is to get ready to send out children overseas in order
for them to enjoy life outside poverty. Remember that a salary of less
than RM820 in 2007 is considered as poverty so it will be worse in

Please take note that BN has never promised to eradicate poverty in
Sabah, ONLY HARD CORE poverty, and no money has been declared for
them. Only money to identify who they are.

But then in 2004, BN won without a single manifesto, so not much is to
be expected in 2008.

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