Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unconstitutional to be elected without any voting

BN have won in the poorest regions on Earth, Sempurna, Kalabakan and
Pensiangan. They are so poor and become so stupid that they can bought
and fooled with the simplest of promises and money.

Azalina, a so called graduate of London School of Economics must be
ashamed to be part of this corrupt and unconstitutional practises of
being elected without any due voting process.

SPR must change its rules to prevent any representative to be elected
to the Assemblies without any voting. Even if many candidates were
disqualified, the election process must be suspended when only one
candidate is validated. SPR must wait until there is another
opposition candidate.

Disqualifying candidates on the filmsiest excuses such as being late
for a few minutes is nonsense. Even the BN case who was disqualified
for being a bankrupt, should not prevent BN from selecting another

The time for registration should be opened longer to allow for these
disqualifications. This is demanded by the constitution and the
greates culprit in the deteriorating standard of justice in Malaysia
is the SPR that had made Malaysia the worst in any Democratic system
in the whole world, worse than even Timur-timur.

A nation that does not even have a credible election machinery like
Malaysia will never be called a DEVELOPED NATION, but a corrupt and
backward nation, no matter how much money it has.

But the fact is, these practises is the reason why Malaysia remains
backward despite having so much resources, and without any justice and
later own without much money, as is happening to Sabah now, there
won't be any peace left.

SPR must respect the constitution and amend its rules to prevent
unelected representatives to wield any legislative authority.

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