Thursday, March 6, 2008

Is Malaysia peaceful? With daylight illegalities, cheating, stealing and black-mailing?

Imagine robbers invading your house and start stealing from and
threatening with violence, you and your family.

Can you still call yourself peaceful?
Just because you don't fight back?

This is exactly what is happening in Malaysia.

Cheating in elections right in front of our TV and Radio sets. How can
only BN be allowed to air its views wheareas, none at all from any
opposition at all?

Look at the amount of money spent on advertisements? Is it within
legal limits? It simply shows how rich BN had become.

Our laws and constitution are invalidated because Malaysian is still
under emergency rules. And you call Malaysia peaceful? As one European
honestly stated that Malaysia is forever under emergency.

Now the elections is openly exposed to phantom voters. The number of
dead voters is the highest in the whole world. The number of
foreigners is also among the highest.

With the removal of the indelible ink, Malaysia now has the worst
election machinery in the whole world. Even Timur-timur has a much
better election process.

The excuse that it will create chaos for fear of being misused, it is
just pure blackmail. It clearly shows that the Police is part of the
phantom voter disease.

Just imagine what the excuses for not using the indelible ink were to
happen, i.e.

i) unscrupulous groups try to stop voters from voting by deliberately
using counterfeit ink. The police should just investigate who made the
threats.. Voters are humans. With the ink, it is a clear proof that
they had been prevented from voting. The culprits can be apprehended
easily simply by interrogating these people who had become victims.

Alas this is just an excuse.

ii) unscrupulous groups will try to create chaos by accusing people
who had their fingers dyed with the indelible ink, to be phantom
voters. Now this is the chance for the police to find evidence of
phantom voters by checking their identifications.

Alas the police is not interested in finding phantom voters. It kept
on making statements that there is no phantom voter.

With the removal of the requirement for the indelible ink, it shows
clearly that the BN government, through the police and election
commission, actively participates in the phantom voting process.

With our rights openly misused, are we at peace?


malaysia baru said...

Bila rasuah bermaharajalela...rakyat menjadi mangsa.
Kembalikan kuasa rakyat...bersama2.

Sorry, nak tanya sikit... Are you En Othman yg pernah belajar di Tycoch College of Further Education, Swansea...sama batch dgn Mustaffa (masih di USM lagi?) dan Datu (dimana?)?


Ir. Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad said...

Saya cuma ingat, Swansea College of further education, tetapi tepat juga sebab dalam Internet tempatnya di Tycoch. Bukan Mustaffa tetapi Ibrahim. Saya sudah hilang hubungan dengan dia, tetapi dia dalam bidang tenaga nuklear. Mungkin masih di Pulau Pinang. Datu Omarali, menetapi di Seremban tetapi selalu juga datang ke Sabah. Saya seorang saja yang diSabah. Kamu siapa?


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