Sunday, June 1, 2008

Malay with 15 A1 didn't get any Scholarship offer!

Whereas a Chinese with only 12 A1 and with parents who can afford to
send her elder sister to Australia and sending her for private A level
courses is given a Scholarship/Loan.

With the quota for non-bumiputras increased to 45% from a previous
10%, this will make it even worse for Malays and bumiputras.

I met his father at school. I suspect the Sabah State government
didn't offer any scholarship because they are sure that he will get a
PSD scholarship. But that was on the 21st of Mei.

If this is true it is a very bad situation where qualified and
brilliant natives are derived of their rights and worse discriminated
in Malaysia that is supposed to have special privileges for Malays.

The selfish racist chinese have been lying all this while.

I shall see the father in the next few weeks in order to confirm this
story further.

I just hope that the authorities will correct their mistakes. But this
is not a strange happening. I heard also that a Sabahan who got 10As
didn't get any offer at any Local University, let alone scholarship
for overseas studies.

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