Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Philippines has sovereignty to Half of Sabah

Remember that ONLY HALF OF SABAH. Not the whole of Sabah, and it does
not include the parts that have the petroleum reserves, not even in
the Spratlys.

This geographical distribution is clearly written in the lease
agreement with Chartered Company and later on honoured by the British
and Malaysian governments through payments of these lease money to the
claimants to the Sulu Sultan throne.

The article below shows one of such claimant and it was clearly stated
that there is no longer a direct descencent of the Sultan, only his
second cousins. Datu Mudarasulail Kiram is one of them but he is a
Malaysian citizen.

Unlike the lease agreements for Hong Kong and Macau, there is no time
limit to the lease of Sabah to Chartered Company. So theoretically, as
long as the lease payments are made, Malaysia has sovereignty over

Since Malaysia does not recognise any of the claimants as the Sultan
of Sulu, while the Philippines appointed one of the claimants to the
throne, no matter how disputed the Sulu Sultanate is, the Philippines
can claim sovereignty over half of Sabah through the Sulu Sultanate
that are based in the Philippines.

What strikes me the most about the ICJ judgement on Batu Putih is the
transfer of sovereignty from Johor to Malaysia even without any
documents that were suddenly missing. In the case of Sabah, the
documents most certainly exist, in London because court judgments were
already been made in favour of some descendants of the Sulu Sultan, in
a British colonial court in Sabah. This is also in addition to
documents kept by these descendents.

The ICJ and international players don't seem to take into account the
views of the citizens. It is proven in the Hong Kong, Macau and even
Batu Putih cases. The Cobbold Commission conducted in Sabah prior to
the formation of Malaysia was not recognised by the Philippines so it
should be valid only for voicing out the views of Sabahans in those
days. Only one third was roughly was in favour of Malaysia. one third
only agree with conditions.

Since these conditions as written by the 20 point agreement was not
adhered to by Malaysia, it shows that two third of Sabahans had
rejected Malaysia. Will Sabahans be allowed to be independent? Not if
we study the cases in the return of Hong Kong and Macau to China.

Also as being noted in the Sipadan and Batu Putih cases, sovereignty
lies to the the party that defends and develop these sovereignty since
the beginning. The Philippines and Sulu descendents in the
Philippines, that are now citizens of the Philippines, had defended
these rfights the most.

The Malaysian government and descendents of the Sulu sultan in Sabah
had never been known to defend the sovereignty of the Sulu sultanate
over half of Sabah. Prefering to assume that Malaysia has already got
the sovereignty by virtue of it being within its territory. Just like
the Batu Putih case with Singapore. Malaysia had never recognised any
of the descendents as the rightful Sultan, unlike the Philippines.

Although earlier on I suggested that Sabahan descendents of the Sulu
Sultanate were to elect one of them as the Sultan, and claim
historical sovereignty rights over Sabah and Souther Philippines, it
is a case of it being too late. The ICJ case of Batu Putih is an eye
opener. Malaysia had lost sovereignty rights over Batu Putih because
it didn't protest the developments by Singapore on that island for so
long. Protesting later on was too late as Malaysia has already lost
its case.

This analysis is getting too long.

Given the chances of the Philippines rights over Sabah to be almost a
certainly, will half of Sabah be returned to the Philippines? Very
extremely unlikely on its own free will. Its citizens and government
have little respect fo the law, let alone international law.

One sore point is the Limbang area that had never been surrendered by
Brunei to Rajah Brooke and therefore to Malaysia, but Sarawakians in
other parts apart from Limbang and Malaysians in general will
certainly oppose any attempt to return Limbang to Brunei, even if
given compensations. I'm sure the LImbang residents will be happy to
become the citizens of Brunei, because they are Bruneians by race, and
very different from other Malaysian races.

Despite revelations of corruption of judges caught in video and
photographs, and no action being done to these judges, the government
is still overwhelmingly voted into power. Many judges even openly
stated in the newspapers that they had never been brainwashed to be
biased towards the government in a boot camp, despite being told to
keep an egg in their pockets all week and to obey junior members as
their leaders and being severely punished for
any dissent. These judges had to be so pathetic or just plain liars
not to even recall any of these improper behaviors in any boot camp,
but one judge remembered well and now recorded it in his court.

The only way for the Philippines to get Malaysia to court is by
invading Sabah forcefully. The Philippines used to be the most
advanced nation in South East Asia before it was destroyed by
corruption in the Marcos era and still reeling from this corruption
but they are making lots of progress. Their IT experts are getting
much better and they are well known in modifying their jeeps as buses,
called Jeepneys.Their civil engineering is also excellent as shown by
the road that they had built in Semporna that still lasted in pristine
condition for more than 20 years, whereas Malaysian built roads could
only last three months, as shown by the roads in Sandakan.

Malaysia on the other hand, is now rotting with corruption and
stupidity. Their buildings even when new started crumbling and
leaking. Malaysian car industry may appear big, but it is mostly
outsourced. Outsourcing is the order of the day, from IT to hard
engineering. There is no pride in modifying themselves. Its army is
also untested.They had only fought against communist guerrillas and
unsuccessfully at that.

Marcos had ordered such as invasion before but the Muslims in the
Southern Philippines that were used as the soldiers, rebelled and led
to the formation of MNLF, led by Nur Misuari. Now these same soldiers
are the one demanding that Sabah be returned to the Philippines. Many
of them already got Malaysian identity cards, and can speak Malay very
well as well as knowing the areas intimately. Many of the illegal and
legal immigrants in Sabah are Filipinos who are ill treated by corrupt
soldiers and policemen and will certainly have a grudge against
Malaysian government officers. They have better motivation and
knowledge than these West Malaysian soldiers and policemen that only
stay in Sabah for a few years. Nowadays, even policemen are mostly not

Many West Malaysians still think that Sabah is just as big as Pahang.
Even those that have stayed for a few years in Kota Kinabalu does not
know how far Tawau is and I I don't think West Malaysians will want to
defend Sabah to the death. They only want to steal its resources to be
brought back to Malaya. That is why they are so corrupted and
arrogantly stupid in Sabah. I'm afraid that Yong Teck Lee and Judge
Ian Chin and other warriors of justices and rights, are just too late.

Strangely, I don't blame these corrupt and stupid people. I blame ICJ
and the international committee such as those in the Cobbold
Commission. They should think more of the inhabitants of the land.
They should not allow people to steal from others just because some do
not defend their rights, such as the case with Singapore, and to
respect the wishes of the people by holding proper democratic
elections in Hong Kong, Macau and Sabah. Giving immunity to Mugabe and
his kingpins will only make it worse. Similarly with Myanmar. Justice
must be served even if it means lots of lives were lost.

Now I see Sukarno as the real hero of Sabah. I should read the words
that Sukarno had used in defernding Sabah instead of reading biased
official historical records. Tun Mustapha and Fuad Stephens were just
greedy leaders that were so impatient to get dirty rich but in the end
they fell victims themselves.

DAILY EXPRESS NEWS Cops urged to monitor Sulu throne pretender

Kota Kinabalu: The police have been urged to monitor the activities of
a so-called Sultan of Sulu, Esmail Kiram II, who has been visiting
districts in the East Coast since last Friday.

Sabah Sulu Cultural Association (SSCA) President Datu Mudarasulail
Kiram @Datu Paijal said he was worried after hearing Esmail, who is
among the many claimants to the throne of the Sulu Sultanate, had come
to Sabah for a visit.

"If he is here just for a courtesy visit then it is all right but what
I am worried is that he (Esmail) may have ulterior motives," he said

Speaking to reporters at his office in the Sinsuran shop complex here,
Mudarasulail said a big banner had been put up in Semporna welcoming
the arrival of Esmail but it had already been taken down by the

"As far as I am concerned, Sulu has no more Sultan because it is now
under the Republic of the Philippines. Where in the world do we find a
republic that has a Sultan?," he asked.

Mudarasulail said, in fact, he is the recognised heir to the throne as
he is receiving the cession money of RM5,300 per year from the
Malaysian Government that is paid to the Sulu Sultanate.

Based on the line of succession of the Royal Sultans of Sulu,
Mudarasulail is the first son of the late Sultan Makuttah A. Kiram who
was the first son of Sultan Muhammad Esmail Kiram 1 (1947-1973).

According to him, Esmail Kiram II who is now visiting Sabah is
supposedly his uncle but even though he was fathered by Datu Raja Muda
Punjungan Kiram, the second son of Sultan Mawalil Wasit Kiram (the
father of Muhammad Esmail Kiram I) he has no royal blood.

"I for one agree that the Sulu claim on Sabah is no longer valid
firstly because before achieving independence in 1963 the Cobbold
Commission found that the majority of the people in Sabah wanted to be
part of Malaysia," he said.

"Secondly, if you lease something but did not service it, after
sometime it lapses and would be no more," he said.

He feared that Esmail Kiram II together with his delegation are in
Sabah following instructions from Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)
chief, Nur Misuari, who was getting the Philippine Government to
revive the claim on Sabah.

"I know for a fact that Esmail and Nur Misuari are good friends," he
said, adding that the authorities should also check whether they had
obtained the necessary documents if they were to hold a procession in
Lahad Datu.

Mudarasulail urged Malaysians of Sulu descendants and those who are
working in Sabah not to be influenced by Esmail.

"I am also willing to help the Malaysian Government fight the case in
the International Court of Justice if it comes to that," he said,
adding that he is a full-fledged Malaysian who just wants to live in
peace and harmony as well as enjoy the benefits of development.

Mudarasulail, who is an Umno member, expressed his intention to enter
the political fray by contesting for the Umno Lahad Datu division

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