Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anwar is the real defender of Malaysia and Sabah not Sabahans

When PR proposed that Sep 16th be public holidays in memory of Malaysia
Day,it clearly shows that Anwar is the real defender of Malaysia.

PBS never bothered with Malaysia day as shown by its current lack of
interest in Malaysia day. Even when PBS was the state government it was
more interested in discriminating against Muslims that led to the death
of my brother, than defending Malaysia, let alone Sabah. PBS has shown
its true character when it is completely silent on the discriminatory
allocation of budget to Sabah, given only 8% for a population of 13%,
which still stands even now. Increase 1 billion but so are the other
states, making the percentage to Sabah still 8%. And the silence on the
3% Petroleum royalty to Sabah.

It is UPKO who are more vocal, demanding the scrapping of the gas
pipeline to Bintulu in favour of a gas processing plant in Sabah leading
to more jobs in Sabah itself. Now there are lots of vacancies for
engineers in Sabah under Sabah Foundation.

The title says all Sabahans, which include myself, a so called
self-appointed defender of Sabah, but failed to realise that Sabah is
the poorest in Malaysia and among the poorest in the whole World for so
long. It was Anwar, who pointed it out, and even then, it took me a long
time to believe what he had pointed out as facts, verified by United
Nations a long long time ago. I am really ashamed of myself.

I salute Anwar. I certainly wish that he be the Prime Mininster of
Malaysia, even if he were engaging in anal-intercourse or even accepted
money for services rendered. It is a small price to pay for the defense
of the entire nation. The speaker, the ass-licker from Sabah, has given
Anwar a great favour by proving that the Parliament has no right to
decide on the confidence of the Parliament on the Prime Minister. It is
now all up to the Agong, from Trengganu, that suffer the same fate as
Sabah and Sarawak. Oil-rich states but straddled with poverty.

The Agong cannot even accept written pledges that BN had tried to do
because the court had disallowed such practises, as decided by the
courts themselves based on cases in Sabah. It is all up to the Agong. He
does not even need to prove that Anwar has the majority at the current
moment. And once the Agong has appointed the next PM, the current PM
SHALL resign, which means, already resigned. Anwar, as the true defender
of the nation of Malaysia, the Agong cannot dispute this, and therefore
the only true Prime Minister of Malaysia.

SHALL in the constitution is a substitute for "will", which means that
it is stronger than even "must".
Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains next to
civilisation with no natural and man-made disasters except Malaysia.
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