Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brunei Chinese and Natives are better off than Malaysians

We should learn from Brunei. Despite massive losses from Tengku Jefry's
extravaganzas, the citizens of Brunei are much better off than Malaysia.

You can argue that Brunei has a small population but its population was
almost the same as those in the states of Sabah, Sarawak and Trengganu.

In 1963, the population of Brunei was 220,000, Sabah was 450,000.

Now just look at the figures: Brunei 340,000 while Sabah 3.3 million in

The Brunei chinese may not become citizens despite staying there for
generations, which is also true in UK, but their income is much higher
than their chinese counterparts in Sabah. For the natives, it is even worse.

The sudden increase in population in Sabah is due to the government
policies. IT is not only Filipinoes but also chinese in the 1960s,
documented by a book, and West Malaysians, also chinese especially after

There is no excuse why Sabah can be among the poorest while Brunei.
Corruption? Brunei also suffer corruption but it didn't destroy the
standard of living of the ordianary citizens.

There is one major difference. The extra treatment of the immigrant
chinese who even dare to call people who call them immigrants as
racists. Which means that they treat all the other natives as
immigrants, but not themselves.

These immigrants chinese are unmistakably the richer group and yet start
complaining of being discriminated, which clearly demonstrates that they
want to discriminate against all other natives because they believe that
only chinese are loyal to Malaysia, hard working and intelligent. All
others are just rubbish and don't deserve any help whatsover, because
whatever help is just a waste.

BN, relying so much on the chinese has given way so much that the
poorest people are still Malays and natives while the chinese grow from
strength to strength. The lose is the whole nation. As a result of
appeasing these chinese, the GINI has gone so high, corruption has gone
through the roof and salaries keep on tumbling. Worse, environments had
been destroyed. The best example is Batu Sapi, from the most beautiful
to the ugliest and dirtiest, in the whole world, all due to chinese

Of course there are some chinese who had tried to protect the
environment, but their number is too small. Just as a few jews also
tried to protect Arabs, but the general conclusion is very clear.
Chinese who had been allowed freedom to act had destroyed the nations
that they inhabit, Malaysia and Indonesia despite being oil rich.
Whereas in nations that don't give them a chance, like Brunei and all
the Arab nations, had allowed the overall wealth of their citizens to
grow, despite these chinese remaining as non-citizenships.

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