Friday, January 30, 2009

Trengganu the 2nd poorest in Malaysia after Sabah!!!!

From the blog above:
• How the SDC will eradicate poverty in Sabah, which is the worst of
all states in the country, with an incidence of poverty of 23% in
2004, much higher than the two other poverty-stricken states of
Terengganu (15.4%) and Kelantan (10.6%). Sabah has also the worst hard-
core poverty rate at 6.5% as compared to the next three states with
the highest incidence, i.e. Terengganu 4.4% and Kedah and Kelantan

The iron is that these are strong BN supporters and worse oil

Similar to Zimbabwe, the strongest supporters of Mugabe are the
poorests and now they still support Mugabe despite suffering a million
percent inflation and a plague of Cholera, no doubt targeting the

Are these figures correct?
Based on my old reading for the 2006 figures, Sabah has a figure of
23% and that I'm pretty sure. But for Trengganu to be the second
poorest as well, is surprising to me.

I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the authors because they
usually don't lie. They only confuse people by selective manipulation
of facts or hiding facts with comments. The only thing we have to do
is to verify these sources.

Based on my observations in 1996, it was pretty accurate. I can see
many poor houses in Trengganu while none at all in Kelantan. The most
striking is the non-breaking of street lights the moment I enter
Kelantan, although only one side of the road is lighted. For Sabah, I
should be very clear because my village, Batu Sapi is the place where
the most poor live. I just don't want to face the reality that many of
my relatives are living in abject poverty.

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