Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The murder of Sabah's Ministers

Among the victims was my step uncle who died at the age of 34 something. That certainly shaped my future.

There was an official inquest but I never read its conclusions. There were representatives from the plane manufacturers, Norman Islander, a short take-off plane.

Based on my current knowledge of aircraft, I'm almost convinced that they were murdered.

Their bodies were unrecognisable when they were buried.

Direct witnesses, heard explosions in the air.

Traffic controllers stopped them from landing at KK airport immediately.

Short take off planes, can glide to earth and land safely or at least does not lead to a total destruction of bodies.

Gliding to earth is easy when you're over the sea as was the case with Tun Fuad's Norman Islander, even when it is over weight.

There are rumours that people tried to stop some ministers from joining Tun Fuad. Harris Salleh listened and survived.

The Malaysian police have the bomb expertise as was shown by the murder of the Mongolian model, and some are willing to kill.

Who actually killed them?

Certainly someone who is greedy in getting Sabah's oil resources.

Tun Fuad will never sign away its oil resources for such a small amount of less than 10% in perpetuity, and getting less than 5% in written agreements, and actually getting less than 1%.

Actually these signing away of rights does not allow Sabah to be robbed of its resources because the constitution guarantees that more than 20% of total Federal revenue must be returned to Sabah but this is never done, let alone be audited.

Jefry Kitingan, on behalf of the Christain natives of Sabah mentioned this is his book, but I already pointed it out many many years before but I doubt Jefry is sincere in fighting for Sabah.

Based on his record and current activities, he is more interested in fighting for his wealth and that of his kind, i.e. the Christian natives.

In many Sabahan web sites, we can read the grumbling of Chinese and Christian Sabahans of being discriminated but I say that all these are nonsense. My brother died as a result of the cruel and inhuman treatment by Jippanus. I'm sure, if there ever were any racial riot, he is the first one that I shall look to kill. And surprisingly, I heard from someone's own mouth that I'm not the only one.

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