Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sabah is actually colonised

At first glance, it may be controversial but it is an open secret. Every Sabahan knows about it but don't really be bothered about it because they had been colonised before by the benevolent British before.

However this Malaysian Colonisation is far from benevolent. Even with its resources, statistics already shows that Sabah is the poorest in Malaysia, behind even Kelantan, an opposition state.

And based on comments by UN diplomats, Sabahan statistics is worse than many African nations.

I was really devastated by this and suddenly started comparing Sabah with the worst nations on earth and finding it in similar states.

My most important worry is that it will get worse.

The undersea electricity cable to West Malaysia and the coal powered powerplant at Silam, the site of the Eco Challenge, will be the the catalyst for the destruction of the heaven in Sabah.

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