Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why Sabah is colonised?

Sabah has never been considered as part of Malaysia by West Malaysians, who call themselves Malaysians and Sabahans as non-Malaysians.

There is no secret about it. The only problem is that these Malaysians are so proud of themselves as true Malaysians, minus Sabah, of course, that they never apologise or even bother to update themselves with current affairs.

This is true to all West Malaysians that I've met and even in quiz shows, 100% got it wrong, and 100% people interviewed on the street also got it wrong, as pointed out by the quiz and TV hosts. They always consider Malaya as Malaysia and they confuse the dates and names all the time.

This has been going on since I came into contact with West Malaysians in 1976 and still exist in 2007. The media has never corrected this situation and in fact, make it even worse.

Now even bill-boards proudly present this misrepresentation of Malaysia.

The misprepresentation that Malaya is Malaysia. Malaya is only the western part of Malaysia, according to official documents and agreements but this is not what the Malaysians know as fact.

They always consider Sabah as joining Malaysia, and is still joining it until it has proven itself to be truly Malaysia but history does not allow this to happen.

All current offical documents and publicity consider the formation of Malaysia as 31 Ogos 1957, i.e. 49 years ago. They call it the Independence day, or, Hari Merdeka. It is so important to them that they tried to convince Malaysians that Sabahans and Sarawakians also got its independence on the 31 August as well. Even Jefry Kitingan in his latest book, agree to this as well.

If this were true, the joint signatories, Singapore and Brunei should also consider 31 August as their independence day.

It was clarified in the newspaper publication after the 31 August, 1963 that it was not full independence because Sabah was not allowed to make a unilateral decision. The administrators must sign the Malaysian agreement as instructed by the British government.

The newspaper reported that some people are considering full independence at that day, i.e. no necessity to join(??) Malaya in order to be granted full independence.

With such blatant disregard for history and facts, there is nothing much Sabahans can do. Surprisingly, the more intelligent students, manage to piece facts together but just accept their fate as it is.

After all, we all have to survive and there should listen to the powers that be, but certainly in their minds, the motives are very clearly not in the path of truth and justice.

Our future is certainly not bright with such situations.

What makes it worse is that our oppositions never even raise this point at all. It is deemed as not important.

What is important for them is to steal power just as the current political parties are.

Are they too corrupt or just plain stupid? Corruption comes in many kinds. I consider this as a kind of corruption.

The non-existence in their desire to defend truth and justice, shows how corrupted they are. This is true to all Sabahans. It is not the lack of knowledge. They all know about this but just don't bother because they consider these aspects as less important than getting entertained and be happy.

This is a side effect of being in heaven, but how long do you think it will last?

I'm really getting worried based on what I learn from the history of other nations. I shall discuss this further.

Sabah is already the poorest in the world and even our National plans clearly plan Sabah to be the poorest, more than 5 years ago.

Now I'm beginning to consider our natural resources as our burden instead of something that helps us. I envy places without any natural resources such as Singapore that is among the most advanced and developed in the world.

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