Thursday, July 31, 2008

Re: Sabah Population Explosion Due to Removal of Passpart Requrement for West Malaysians

CKSF wrote:
> On Jul 28, 2:11 am, Politikus <> wrote:
>> On Jul 26, 6:57 pm, "Ir Hj. Othman bin Hj. Ahmad" <>
>> wrote:
>>> Why should the West Malaysians stay in backward Sabah when their home
>>> states are much more advanced and developed than SAbah. Even Perlis is
>>> much much better than even the city of Sandakan,that are much bigger in
>>> area and resources.
>>> Sabahans must stop looking for scapegoats and start looking at their
>>> real enemy, which is Malaysia as represented by the Federal Government.
>> For a start, maybe should just rid Sabah state government of
>> incompetent leaders... :-p
> Indeed, and I believe therein lies the horrible rot. And within Sabah,
> the propagation that all that is wrong is because of other
> Malaysians.

There is a clear rule of justice. The victim is never at fault.
The Sabahan leaders may be pathetically ignorant but they are not
thieves of SAbah's resources. West Malaysians are, especially the
Federal Government.

No matter how good Sabah's leaders are, how much can they do when they
are only given 8% for a population of 13% and area of 23%?

After constant prodding, Sabah was given an additional 1billion, but so
are many other states, making Sabah's portion still at 8%. Initally the
National budget was 200 billion but was increased to 230 billion in the

Can you blame Sabahan leaders for not asking what is actually their

The Federal officers are almost all WEST MALAYSIANS.

The extra population increase is also mostly WEST MALAYSIANS.

And yet, they never defended the increase in Sabah state budget claiming
that SAbahan leaders are incompetent!

What more do these West Malaysians want??

All FEDERAL POSTS ARE ALREADY TAKEN by them, right down to office boys,
and yet they dare to claim that Sabahan leaders are incompetent. Please
note that the implementation is done by Federal Officers, that are most
likely to be non-Sabahans.

I think West Malaysians are only satisfied if ALL SABAHAN LEADERS are to
be replaced by WEST MALAYSIANs, or at least the CHIEF MINISTER.

What makes it worse is that, MOST POLITICIANS are appointed by West
Malaysians, not by SAbahans, just like the Federal Government officers.
They were appointed not based on their INTELLIGENCE and INTEGRITY but by
being so pathetic and ingorant about Sabahan needs, like Lajim, who is
so happy that SAbah got an additional 1 billion, which is pitifully too
little, too small and too late.

I have just been told by a West Malaysian technician who loves to stay
in Sabah having married a Sabahan, that the first class room at Sandakan
Government Hospital is given an aircon that is too noisy. He complained
directly to the director, and noted that the director's room has good
air con, but doctors on standby had to sleep on paper boxes.

Do you think the director is so stupid as not to request for these first
class rooms to be renovated??? And standby doctors provided with decent
rooms like any normal hospital in West Malaysian, and even UNDER SABAH
ADMINSTERED HOSPITALS!!! Their request were just rejected because there
is simply not enough budget. Given only 8%, with a disproportionately
high allocation for education(16% of the national total), the amount
left for hospital must be pititul, i.e. only 4% for a population of 13%.

I had the pleasure to visit these first class hospitals during Sabah's
administration and a few years after SAbah was colonised by Malaya. Most
government services were staffed by Sabahans especially the hospitals
because it was still under Sabah state government. At that time, the
first class rooms were very impressive. Now, just a few years after it
was handed over to the Federal Government, even Kota kInabalu does not
have any First Class rooms. My auty has just got an operation. Don't
tell me that illegals are staying in these First Class rooms.

They don't even cater for the illegal West Malaysians,let alone Sabahans.


Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains next to
civilisation with no natural and man-made disasters except Malaysia.
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