Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sulu want to colonise Sabah

The money from Sabah is for the development of Sulu, not Sabah?

Sabahans are already among the poorest in Malaysia, what more to give
to Sulu. How about those Tausugs in Tawi-tawi, Kagayan and Basilan?

The lease agreement is only for half of Sabah, not the whole of Sabah.
Where got all the oil money?

I got the link from wikipedia:

"The Sultan of Sulu and Sultan of Sabah HM Sultan Muhammad Fuad A.
Kiram I stated that if Malaysia wants to stay in Sabah lawfully, then
Malaysia must pay the correct and proper amount of rent per year. If
the rental payment is not acceptable, he proposes "Joint
Administration" between the Sultan of Sulu and Sultan of Sabah and
Malaysia and/or the Royal Sultans of Malaysia headed by the Sultan
Agong (King of Malaysia), to administer Sabah, and all incomes are
split co-equally, similar to the joint administration or "Condominium
of France and Great Britain in Vanuatu" prior to Vanuatu's

Income to be derived from Sabah will be used to develop Sulu to uplift
the welfare of the Sulu people such as roads, hospitals, medicines,
education, peace and order, etc. The payment of correct rent by
Malaysia to the Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah and/or the Joint
Administration of Sabah will be the solution to the Sabah issue. "

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