Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sikarno is the real Hero Of Sabah

If you read the history above, instead of the Malaysian version, it
should be clear that the aims of Indonesia was to defeat the whole of
Malaysia in order to prevent the formation of Malaysia.

On the instigation of Azahari, Sukarno was against the joining of Sabah
and Sarawak to Malaya. Azahari proposed the union of Sabah, Sarawak and

As a SAbahan, I don't care if we join with Brunei, Malaya or Indonesia
as long as we are looked after. One thing is certain though, that
Malaysia is a disaster for Sabah by making Sabah the poorest in Malaysia
and in the world, depsite its resources.

All leaders that had led to this situation cannot be called heroes of
Sabah. However these people had paid their fate by being dead in an
aeroplane that was denied immediate landing and finally exploded in
mid-air i.e. Fuad Stephens, and another, Tun Mustapha, sent to oblivion
by making his party illegal and therefore forced to accept UMNO that
finally abandoned him.

If Sabah had been forced to join Indonesia, like West Irian, I don't see
any fate much worse than what Sabah is in at the moment with Malaysia.
Despite all figures pointing out to the discriminatory budget, the same
budget had been maintained with slight adjustment only that is also done
to all other states in Malaya. Despite the high incidence of poverty in
Sabah, there is no program at all to alleviate poverty, only hard-core
poverty are being budgeted for. Sabahans had been so muted as not to
make any forceful response to all these mistreatments.

But there is no evidence that it was Sukarno's intention to annex Sabah.
He was more concerned about the neo-colonisation of Sabah by Malaya than
gaining anything out of Sabah. Since he is proven right, to his death,
he is the real hero of Sabah for fighting for its true Freedom and
rights, unlike the other Sabahan leaders that had succumbed to various
forms of corruption and finally suffer as a result.

I have net read a single speech of Sukarno so cannot make a true
judgement. What I read was the propaganda by his enemies in Indonesia
and Malaysia but they all don't make sense compared to the evidences
that I see.

I also envy the progress made to our neighbour Kalimantan that enjoyed
progress with flyovers being built in Banjarmasin a few years earlier
than Kota Kinabalu, and Sabah has much more oil than Banjarmasin. This
is thanks to the 20% oil revenue retained by the states in Indonesia,
while Sabah only retains a promised 5% with as little as only 1%
delivered. Adding insult to injury, not a single cent is being given to
Sabah for its gas fields, and not single industry being built, instead
being piped to Bintulu for export, thus destroying our beatiful beaches
and seas, while Sabahans getting nothing out of it, except poverty.

I don't see much future for Sabahans in Sabah itself. In order to
survive, they have to work outside Sabah as had been done currently in
larger and larger numbers while illegal immigrants from Malaya getting
the richest juices of Sabah, illegal immigrants from the Philippines
depressing salaries for the bread crumb jobs and opportunities.

Let us hope that I'm wrong, but facts and figures don't lie. Only people
will lie. With what is happening to our jidiciary and election
commission, it looks more and more like Zimbabwe, another former British

Sabah is heaven. Beautiful shark-free beaches and mountains next to
civilisation with no natural and man-made disasters except Malaysia.
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