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Re: A stay given to Zambry, is a stay of M'sian justice

On May 12, 6:14 pm, "FWF" <JN...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> a legally elected representative to be MB, is given by the court over right
> to a thief
> the thief can appeal but the thief has no right until his appeal is heard
> however here in malaysia a thief is given the right over the person he stole
> by a court who decided the matter in a second

A very strange way of justice in Malaysian courts.

Nizar was the original Chief Minister. Zambri had been elected
illegally as judged by the High Court of Malaysia

When Nizar applied for a stay of execution, i.e. delaying the
appointment of Zambri based on dubious circumstances, Nizar, the
original Chief Minister elected by the people and officially appointed
by the Sultan of Perak, was denied.

When Nizar finally got the court verdict, that Nizar is the actual
Chief Minister, he is prevented from assuming office because a stay of
execution order was awarded to Zambri, the thief of the original post.

Just imagine having a thief who stole your house by forcefully
evicting you from your house. When you go to court to reclaim your
property, the court does not allow you the right to enter your own
house, despite protesting that the thief is illegally occupying your

When you finally won a judgement, that the house is actually yours,
the court now allows the thief to continue staying and enjoying your
house, while the court process is still in process. You should know
that court processes in Malaysia can take ages to finish. The thief
can continue occupying your house illegally, while you, the original
rightful owner is denied the rights to that house.

You don't call this justice any more. More like a Kangaroo court.

If you read this news, please note that Zambri is not the "staus quo",
Nizar was.


PERAK CRISIS: Nizar seeks audience with Ruler to dissolve assembly
By : M. Husairy Othman, Jaspal Singh & P. Chandra Sagaran
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Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin has sent a letter through an aide to Perak
Regent Raja Dr Nazrin Shah today to seek an audience and ask for the
dissolution of the state assembly.
"The letter was sent over to Istana Kinta in Ipoh at 8am today," he
said after attending an investiture in conjunction with the Sultan of
Perak Sultan Azlan Shah's 81st birthday at Istana Iskandariah here.

This was the first official function he attended after being declared
as the rightful Menteri Besar by the Kuala Lumpur High Court on

Earlier, Nizar and his wife Datin Seri Fatimah Taat arrived at the
palace in the official Menteri Besar's Toyota Camry bearing the
registration number AGS 10 at 8.30am.

In the palace, he had a brief chat with state secretary Datuk Dr Abdul
Rahman Hashim and newly-appointed speaker Datuk R. Ganesan.
Speaking to reporters as he was leaving the palace, Nizar said: "I am
seeking an appointment date after which I will speak on the
dissolution of the assembly to the Regent."

When asked whether he had discussed the matter with Raja Nazrin at the
palace, he said they only spoke on the investiture and family matters.

Meanwhile, copies of letters sent to Abdul Rahman and state legal
adviser Datuk Ahmad Kamal Shahid on their suspension by Pakatan Rakyat
on Monday night have been pinned up at all notice boards at the state
secretariat building.

They were suspended from their duties and barred from going to their
offices with immediate effect.

The letter dated on May 12 and signed by Nizar also stated that state
financial officer Datuk Jamalludin Al Amini Ahmad would carry out the
duties of state secretary.

However, the suspensions were later overturned after Zambry won the
stay of execution at the Court of Appeal, in which he announced that
the Perak state administration has returned to status quo.

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