Friday, May 15, 2009

World actions led to Sudan's Developments

These are very good comments on the sufferings of the all-muslims
Darfur citizens.

I have made comments at this blog but failed to copy them.

Let me add some more:

The warrant of arrest against Omar Bashir and others didn't allow them
to transport money and wealth out of their nations which they are
plundering. Although we may fail to indict them, but at least the
sufferings of the people should be much less.

We should do the same with Myanmar and Israel.

Israel may be difficult because of US support for these war criminals
since it is also protecting its own war criminals. Just pray that US
will change its mind and join the ICC.

Anti-money laundering, which is actually devised to stop terrorism,
actually helped citizens because their leaders cannot just export
their ill gotten wealth overseas or domestically without international

photographer said...

"African" Liz and those weighing in,

You are naive to the point of approaching blindness if you cannot
(or are perhaps unwilling to) connect the dots between years of
marginalization and persecution at the hands of the very same rouge
regime you are touting here as an up and coming African power-house
and the new development in Khartoum.

This will be nothing more than a playground for Sudan's
conscientiously flexible elite to entertain the representative of
multinational corporations while they all become wealthier securing
future development and international trade deals.

Are you aware that for years the populations living on oil rich
ground in south Sudan were bombed off their lands so their government
could exhume the crude beneath the bodies of those not quick enough to
escape and all the while strategically deny them access to education
and a voice in government? This government has a track record nearing
three decades long for conducting scorched-earth campaigns on it's own
people because it could not maintain it's grip on power and wealth
while providing for the needs of it's people. It was a simple matter
of choice and the capacity to live with themselves after.

Now, after years of oil revenues enabling the buildup of "defense"
forces designed to suppress the populous, surpluses afford this regime
the capacity and therefore opportunity (some might say obligation) to
tend to the needs of the destroyed population remaining. Yet they
still choose to indulge themselves with a modernity beyond the means
of a responsible government in their position, while living with
themselves following decades of shameful choices seems within reach on
the eve of turning their capitol city into a gated community.

They cannot be praised for this, and the millions of dead,
diseased and displaced, whose shortened miserable lives paved the way
for this "development" must not be merely a parenthetical footnote. As
a documentary photographer, I have lived countless days through the
hell, which lies in the wake of nearly two and a half decades of
brutal "civil" wars by other means. I have followed in the footsteps
of the population of Southern Sudan whose lives lie shattered and
strewn across the Central and East African landscape. I have been to
Darfur. You should go to the new south Sudan and see the myth of
tranquility you've heard about.

This development project, multinational corporate boardrooms, and
yes Khartoum are the new frontlines of the war threatening to
exterminate the precedence of Genocide.

As an artist, I have chosen as a platform for illustration the
latest in a series of genocidal positions taken by those governing who
would choose the protection of natural resource revenues over that of
it's people.

We all have to make choices we can live with.
January 16, 2008 5:03 PM

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